Tuesday, 17 February 2009

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I believe this is a feeling that can only be described as "shit on a shingle". I've done a good job of keeping a small apple, some grape juice, and a little bit of Chex mix down without digestive system launching a bloody uprising the likes of which have not been seen since the French Revolution.

I woke up last night at midnight, then again half an hour later and realized that sleep was not happening. I had a migraine that would not quit, the epic kind of sinus problems that vascillated between epic stuffiness and breaking-of-the-snot-dam runniness. I got the shakes for no good reason and spent a couple of hours shivering but not being cold, and my stomach hurt to the point where the thought of anything but small sips of water was unthinkable.

I didn't get any sleep. I got out of bed at 12:45 or so, because I knew I'd be back and forth to the bathroom all night and there was no help for it and I didn't want to wake Andrew (because at least one of us still has a job to go to in the morning).

Very late night TV is both interesting and scary. Usually, when I get sick or can't sleep, I put on my copy of The Presidents that I have on DVD (yeah, it's the one from the History Channel). It makes me feel better to have neat little fifteen minute segments about the Presidents. I think my favorite is Andrew Jackson.

But I was too sick and shivering even to fish out the DVDs and put one in, so I stuck with TV for a while.

I watched Fresh Prince reruns, and realized that Will Smith was a little unrefined early in his career, perhaps too loud and brash (the way John Barrowman is and will always be), but nevertheless extremely charming. I saw a PSA with Barack Obama in it and felt better about life just seeing him on the TV encouraging Americans to volunteer for things.

Then I watched the last half of Attenborough's "The Life of Birds" on the PBS station. The birds that peck at their mates genital openings to make them eject the sperm of usurping suitors was both interesting and rather head-tilt inducing. After that, there was a program about the 17th century called "The Western Tradition", narrated by some guy with an accent that I couldn't puzzle out and which was wholly inaccurate and rather nonspecific. Had I not been so sick, I would have taken notes on all the things that were wrong about it, starting with their understanding of the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV and the rise of absolutist monarchies in Europe at that time.

After that, there was a really quite good program on Thomas Jefferson, which was mostly accurate, though I think they may have put a rather forgiving coat of gloss over Jefferson's attitudes towards slavery, painting him as being more morally outraged by it than perhaps he actually was. Not to mention that they weirdly left out large bits of his relationship, politically and personally, with Adams and his time in Washington's cabinet, and sort of mentioned them and went on.

Then, when nothing was on, I put on The Presidents and it did make me feel better.

Still haven't slept, and I have been dragging ass epically all day, but at least I know I'll sleep well tonight, if only by virtue of exhaustion.


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