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I'll blabber on more about how awesome Connecticut is later. But suffice it to say that my hardest decision in life will be this:

If/when I become wealthy enough to live anywhere I please - do I relocate to Northampton, Massachusetts or Niantic, Connecticut to die happy?

I ♥ Niantic. It is small, charming, on the ocean, contains the Book Barn, and Rocky Neck State Park - where I found much sea glass and shells not to be found in Florida and discovered that I'm abnormally fond of climbing rock formations that I might not be able to get down from.

How much does this state rule?

And, uh, to the Northerners on my f-list, how the frell did you not tell me about Christmas Tree Shops and the fact that toboggans are sleds (not hats)? You're all fired. Sheesh. I depend on you to tell me when things are awesome, and what happens? I find a whole world of most excellent awesomeness and nobody told me.

I love New England. Seriously. Meg/New England ---> OTP.
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Now that I have access to a digital camera, I'm pretty sure that there will be more pics to come. But don't worry, I realize that not everyone has fast internet connections, so I'll try to keep it all dial-up safe. It's all clickable thumbnails, so no worries.

pictures from Connecticut - Mt. Holyoke, Apple-picking and miscellaneous critters, they're turning me into a good New Englander yet )

more random meaningless things from my life! I know you're interested )
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Dude, I ♥ both Connecticut and Massachusetts so much. Seriously.

And what's even better? There's this town in Massachusetts called Northampton which is like a town full of hippie liberal artist freaks and I love it so hard and one of the first things we saw was a store flying LOTS of rainbow flags with a dummy in the window wearing a sash that said "Anti-sex league" with a sign that said "Big Brother Is Watching You".

The Boy informed me that there are a lot of lesbians in Northampton. *swoons*.

If I could live there, I would.

I'll get around to posting pictures of the leaves (we went leaf peeping yesterday) and of the apple picking that we did today. Both were as fun and beautiful as I thought they'd be.

Fortunately, I don't have to return to gloomy ol' New York City until tomorrow evening and tonight: *mashed potatoes*.

This is why autumn is my favorite time of year and this year, the added bonus of not having to worry about school. It's weird, but when your life doesn't revolve around school and classes and semesters and graduation dates, you start to appreciate the seasons more.


This is my happy place.

Especially because Andrew's mom got a new dog (Finn) and there's cats all over the place and *GUH* how much did I miss critters? This much.


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