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Tuesday, 9 June 2009 08:19
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We went out weekend before last to the cemetery to walk and take pictures. Yes, we do have a morbid sense of fun.

But while we were there, we went to the spot where we put Nippy to rest. Her fake rock is still there, we checked. Hmm. It was kind of comforting. She is still under a nice tree where it is warm and there are probably a lot of mice.

There are some human beings who don't get that much when it comes time to be buried.

I think we build cemeteries more for ourselves than for the dead. I think we build them so we can tell ourselves that we put the people we love somewhere nice, that they're not all gone, just moved somewhere else. That way we don't have to let go all at once, we can let go by degrees.
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R.I.P Nippy the Tank Snake

Nippy the snake has, unfortunately, passed on. I'm a little more sad about it than I expected to be, but I think I was starting to warm up to her. Or at least get desensitized to my fear of reptiles.

She was a good snake, I think, as snakes go.

We walked out to a nearby cemetery this morning (there are a lot in this part of Queens) and found a spot in which to put her (inside her fake rock) for her final rest. So she is underneath a nice pine tree, sort of underneath a big rock, in a cemetery. I think she would like that spot. It's probably where she would go if she were alive and had the choice. We commended her to the great tank in the sky, where the bulb never goes out, the mice are always plentiful, and it never gets cold.

Now her tank is gone, and the red warming bulb that went with it. It was strange to sleep in complete darkness last night.

Andrew seems to be handling it fairly well. He really liked Nippy, even though he sort of inherited her from his mom by accident because she wasn't doing well in a house of three cats, a dog, a creepy fish, birds, and another lizard.

I don't think we'll be getting another snake, though, or any other pet. At least not in this apartment.

Maybe we should invest in plants for a while. I've already named the two we have (Alan Greenspan and Clint "Woody" Eastwood, respectively, as I think those are very plant-y names).


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