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Saturday, 22 August 2009 18:36
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I'm feeling mentally a little better since Andrew and I went to see his sister for her birthday, going out for a movie and a late lunch/early dinner. Positive human interaction helps a lot.

We saw Inglorious Basterds. It's your typical overly-violent, very odd Tarantino film. It didn't require a lot of brain cells or thinking and was very violent and too long because Tarantino has never heard of editing. Some of the goriest part were too much for me to handle and I covered my eyes/ears because I was kind of in a very triggery state.

If blood, beatings, and gore aren't really anything you can handle, skip it.

I wish a movie I actually felt like seeing would come out soon. I think Amelia might be nice, and I like Christopher Eccleston (he's my favorite actor) even though he seems to just be appearing in crap films now a days, which is sad. Because the man actually knows how to act. He just apparently doesn't know how to pick scripts.

I think I'm getting a kidney infection. I feel run down and my back hurts in a very specific way. I'm drinking just water and cranberry juice. I really hope that it's not a kidney infection. I just don't need that right now.
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I can't wait until we get to Hartford! I always love going to The Boy's house for holidays and what not.

This will make my second Thanksgiving that I spend with them instead of my family. I'm a little bit sad ('cause dude, I love my people) but Andrew's family is really great and there will be DOGS DOGS DOGS.

Traffic is going to suck like a sucking thing, but that's the holidays.

I shall post things I am grateful for tomorrow, as that's the time for that. Then I will eat a dead bird, a large round pastry, and partake of sleeping in the daytime (read: BIRD. PIE. NAP.)

The interviews at work went fine, and I was really thrilled to get to do them. Almost missed one because I didn't know how to dial an international number and had to beg Ms. Texas (her codename) to teach me how before I totally missed the scheduled time for the interview.

One interview was considerably better than the other, because one of the interviewees was very peppy and personable (well, she's a publicity director, she should be!) and the other was rather quiet and reserved.

Nothing wrong with either, though.

I hope that you all have a safe Thanksgiving (or a safe Thursday if you do not participate in Turkeyfest 2007).
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So I reached my breaking point today. I've finally grown tired of the stupid, mind-numbingly propagandized forwards my relatives have been sending me via email. I stopped reading them, even. This is what happens when you give devout southern Republicans access to the interwebs.

I swear to god, these things make fan_wank look like the bastion of intellect. And there's basically only five topics they cover:

1) How God, Country, and President Bush are the best things ever and those queer liberal Godhating babyeating freedomloving freaks and immigrants are destroying our pretty white nation. Dammit, America used to be so wonderful before all these other people started demanding rights and respect. Why can't we go back to segregation and beating up gay people and nuking any country we don't like.

Why are they trying to take away our right to oppress other people? Oh the HUMANITY!

2) I'm an overweight, unhappy, middle-class soccer mom. Here are some trite jokes to make me feel better about that. Hahaha, isn't being a woman so funny? Aren't men funny? Isn't the world much funnier when we stereotype everything?

3) Here are pictures which have circulated among every man, woman, and child on the planet twice. But I thought you'd think they were funny and original.

4) Here's a sappy story that would make the Chicken Soup for the Soul people vomit sucrose. It's usually in support of some pretend cause that isn't nearly as important as we make it out to be. Oh, and here are cutesy fonts in unreadable colors, just to add that sacchrine oomph to it.

5) Oh noes! The internet (and the rest of the world) is full of danger. Pass this on and warn people about these things which are completely unsubstantiated and probably not true.

Why, oh, why did I give them the email address I actually use? I should give them my spam email address instead.

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Friday, 5 October 2007 18:41
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We went to see the Boy's sister, who I'll call C (names changed for the protection of the innocent and all that), in the hospital today. She's really groggy, sore, and exhausted from what's going on.

It was really hard for me to see her like that. I know that she'll be okay - but when you see someone you care about who's usually very upbeat and peppy and energetic that run down, it's just disheartening. I know the boy and I aren't married (yet), but his family is family to *me*. And I hate seeing family sick.

I brushed her hair for her, and between her mom, me, and her own determination, she was finally able to get up to the bathroom. She nearly started crying, because it hurt and took so long for her just to work her way out of bed. She said, "I feel so helpless."

How I didn't bust out into tears for her is beyond me.

We got her a vampire cow to cheer her up, and that seemed to work. I think knowing precisely what's on and getting better would cheer her up the most.

After we visited with her, we went to the Book Barn and, of course, loaded up on books. Then we went to Mystic Village and got some of the fudge they have there - which is a special treat we only allow ourselves a few times a year.

Still, it was hard to shake feeling so sad for C.
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I don't know why, but lately it seems like all weddings must be accompanied by serious illness.

We're up here for The Boy's cousin's wedding and the Boy's sister has been having stomach pains, so yesterday she went to the hospital and they thought it was her appendix. They do all the tests, and think that it's 99.9% sure it's her appendix.

They get in there laproscopically and see that the appendix is fine. But, further explanation reveals the problem is in her intestines.

She came out of surgery with a 101 degree fever. After four bags of antibiotics? That's serious.

So keep her in your thoughts (prayers if you do that sort of thing). We're going to visit her in a little while.

Despite this, CT is good and the dogs are very dogtastical. The cats are catastic. Although last night, Rowan had some separation anxiety and was howling until we let her out of her crate. Poor girl. I know how sudden schedule disruptions can make you feel hurdy-gurdy.

Me? I'm just glad not to be at work. Don't get me wrong, my job is going fine. But? I already know I do not want to stay there any longer than my internship if I can help it.

I'd like to get into the literary swing of things, if I can. Or at least out of a business-oriented place.

Home again

Monday, 30 July 2007 13:07
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Connecticut was fabulous as always. I got my much needed fuzzy fix, and confirmed that indeed, the Boy's family is made of pure awesome.

I don't know that there could be a better family for me to be marrying into.

We got the usual goodies at the various places we like to frequent (ham and cheese loaf! ZOMG!). I also got a ridiculous amount of writing accomplished, and was used as a trampoline by a cat. It was awesome.

Saw two movies. The Simpsons Movie was awesome. That's a duh. The Harry Potter movie was a waste of film if you asked me, and has completely departed from the books and devolved into an excuse to have the trio running around, dimly lit and angsty.

Andrew's mom (Mrs. Awesome herself) not only got me a CD from the music festival she was at, but let me rip a CD of hers that also is incredible.

I'm a little sad to be away from the critters, and of course I love spending time with Andrew's family, but they're close. We'll see them soon.

Now, I just have to deal with my family. I can already hear the Drama Llama coming. I swear, I cannot wait until this is all over. At least we have our passports now. There's that.

Random update

Monday, 14 May 2007 22:21
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My family is back home safely. Wheeee! I missed them for about twenty minutes, then was like "hmm, it's nice to get back to my routine."

I have my mother's approval for where and how I live (besides not having a job). Not that I needed it, but it's nice to have. One less battle to fight, and that's always a good thing. They seemed to have a fun time and it went better than expected. Except that I've learned that it's pretty much genetic that women in my family get snarky when they're tired and hungry and have to pee.

Poor Andrew had to go with us to Canal Street - which is famous for having thousands of ripoff designer bags. I got a nice dusty pink messenger bag because my old one has totally gone kaput.

I also walked into a surprise moving sale at Kate's Paperie in Manhattan yesterday. Z.O.M.G. It is proof positive that there is a God and that God loves me and wants me to be happy. Nice, ivory-paper leather journals at ten and fifteen dollars a pop. *faints*. In a perfect world, [livejournal.com profile] denoue_moi would have been with me, because a lot of stuff there (not just journals) would've rocked their world at greatly discounted price.

I now vow to stop reading the comments at [livejournal.com profile] cat_macros. Apparently if your cat macro is less than the height of tasteless humor, expect people to get catty (pun lulz!). Also, apparently they will accuse you of being a fat housewife. I didn't know you could tell someone's occupation and weight by their macros, but what do I know? The intarwebs is wiser than I.

You know how there's that old adage: "arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded" - that's totally wrong. If you're in the Special Olympics, you win something worth winning and you do it for a great cause. Also, the Special Olympics people win at life. People who get rude about cat macros and turn them into SRS BIZNESS fail on a scale hitherto unknown to modern science.

I'm tired of this whole offensive = funny thing that's going on. Yes, you can type the word "fag" and put it on a picture of a cat. Would you like a cookie? If I gave it to you, would it keep you otherwise occupied and off the internet? *sigh*

Like I said, no more reading the comments. Macros only. And if they're not funny (GASP!) then I'll scroll down like a sane person.
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For those who didn't see Mrs. Doubtfire - my mom has a job.


We celebrated with evil chinese food.

I'm so *frelling* happy not only because this means the money situation will get better but my mom will be out of the damn house and not that I don't like the time I've spent with my mom, but I really think it was getting to her self esteem.

Yay for job-age!!!!!

May the job luck spread to all on the f-list who need it.


Also - I'm trying to decide whether to filter out my poetry. One of the classes I'm taking this semester is a poetry workshop, and it's likely I'll be posting my poetry here (unless you think it belongs at [livejournal.com profile] sage_theory).

So gimme comments as to whether you think I should a) filter and b) whether you'd want to be on said filter.

Thing is - I *know* I'm not ee cummings or Allen Ginsberg or Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson or anything. I get that my poetry is pretty horrid and terrifying on the *best* of days. Up 'til now poetry's been public, but I'm wondering if airing my terrible poetry in person is really the best thing ever. Also there might be people who care nothing about poetry (mine or otherwise) and would appreciate for it not to start appearing on their f-list pages.

So this is pretty much now in y'all's hands. I don't care either way.

And I truly will *not* take offense to you saying "please filter and please leave me OFF the filter". Really. Not everyone wants to see their 'net buddy's gut-wrenchingly, toe-curlingly, mind-boggingly *bad* attempts to be poetic and deep. Not everyone likes *poetry* period.

- Meg


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