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2 Things That Are Good About Today (So Far)

1. It's quite sunny and not at all rainy
2. The scale indicated a little bit of weight loss this morning.

2 Things That I Have Done Well (So Far)

1. Got my morning exercise, despite allergies. Just the strength training left to do this afternoon.
2. Getting wedding things taken care of

1 Thing I Look Forward To

1. Getting a lot of writing done
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Even though I don't know that I can be considered Christian, there are some bits of the faith that I can't give up, and I think that Lent is the thing that I like best. Because it's part ritual and part personal challenge. I like the idea that at least once a year, you test yourself in the name of your faith not by going out and trying to conform others to your beliefs, but by making yourself conform to your beliefs, by making sure that you're doing your part, too.

Yes, I am participating in Lent this year. I won't say what I'm giving up, because I want to keep it a secret. Sometimes it helps me to tell everyone what I'm doing, sometimes keeping it secret helps me more. Go figure.

But my other Not-At-All-Officially-Prescribed challenge is to gleepost once with a quote until Easter. Here's to hoping I can do it.

"Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."
- Khalil Gibran

5 Things That Were Good About Today
1. Slightly warmer weather, up in the 40's.
2. New Lost. Because nothing lifts one spirits like being utterly confused by hot people on an island
3. Nectarines from the grocery store were really good for off-season
4. I have my health
5. I have a bit more money in my account due to V-Day gift from dad.

3 Things I Did Well Today
1. Got thank you letters sent out
2. Did my super secret good deed of the day
3. Made dinner

2 Things I Look Forward To
1. Eating healthy and losing weight with renewed dedication
2. Continuing to gleepost during Lent.
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Little tiny snow flurries. I love the snow.
2. My comfortable new pink earbuds continue to be comfortable
3. My boss at work has now given me several (completely harmless) compliments, and I'm totally a glow with having gotten a little praise. Apparently I have mad skills and I'm "the go-to girl". Competency is pastede_on_yay!
4. New Stargate: Atlantis tonight
5. Salad from Toasties.
6. (bonus) IT IS FRIDAY!

3 Things I Did Well Today

1. Got everything done at work, despite having an Overwhelming Mound of Work to do
2. All my note copying is done (it is my s00per sekrit project).
3. Some X-Mas shopping has been taken care of (including work's secret santa)

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Saturday!
2. Only three days next week before I go to Florida. Wheeeeeee!

Hump day glee!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007 18:02
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. The temperature continues to hold at a reasonable 79-81 degrees (around 27 Celsius)
2. Kitchen sink is fixed! I have never been so happy to do dishes IN MY LIFE.
3. Watching Christopher Eccleston in Let Him Have It.
4. Homemade smoothies!
5. Tea!

3 Things I Did Well

1. Dishes (finally! My kitchen is no longer gross!)
2. Got lots of plotting/writing done today
3. Was nice to the plumber who was a day late

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Getting more writing done
2. Continuing to lose weight/eat healthy/exercise before my sister's wedding


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