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I hope all of you, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, are having a fabulous day.

I'm extremely grateful this year, grateful for the people around me, for the fact that I have everything I need, and that I'm living in a country where hope is on the horizon, despite everything.

Things I'm Grateful For (In No Particular Order)

1. My family
2. My friends
3. My health, because it could be infinitely worse
4. All the fuzzy creatures in my life
5. That the weather is going to be quite nice today
6. The meal I'm about to eat
7. The people throughout the year who've helped me
8. Getting to be with my favorite people (and critters) for Thanksgiving
9. The fact that gas prices have gone down!
10. The wonderful man who has been so much to me and done so much
11. The inspiring man who
12. For books
13. For my ability to write, which I realize is a gift that I need to develop
14. For dogs
15. Music

Let me know what you're thankful for in your life, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May your turkey (or tofurky) be juicy, your pie delicious, and your time with your family lovely. Or at least less painful than you're anticipating.
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Happy 4th of July!

I was going to be spending the day with the Boy, relaxing and enjoying that it's only 80 degrees here in NYC.

But, he got called into work on a very important case. I won't talk about the details of it, just that it was very important sounding, and it must've been because they called him in on a major holiday.

I'm not all that bummed. I mean, I wish Andrew was here - but it wasn't like we had big plans. It's probably just as well, because we were planning to have burgers and fries today (as is 4th of July tradition for many) - but we went out last night and had pizza.

Two days in a row of junk food does no good when you're trying to lose weight. I might go out for a walk today, get in a bonus day of exercise. The weather is fairly good, even though it looks like rain.

Maybe I should break out the paints. I've been wanting to do that all week.

Happy Birthday, America. I love you, I think you have the potential to be the best nation on Earth, and I'm proud that I was born here. I'm proud that I can go from tall mountains to low valleys, I'm proud that I can go from forest to desert. I'm proud that in America, as in New York, there's at least one of everything. I'm also proud that I am free to say what I think and feel. And I'm proud that no matter how bad it gets in this country, I know that things can and do change. As the expression goes, "Don't like the weather? Wait an hour, it'll change."


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