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As I am looking up from my big pile of creative journaling chaos, I say to Andrew, "Hey, Andrew, do you know where my porn is?"

Without missing a beat, he looks around, finds the IKEA catalog on the coffee table and hands it to me, because he knew *exactly* what I meant.

And yes, the IKEA catalog is furniture porn for me. Like porn stars, the furniture is cheap and mostly fake, but when it's posed all pretty like that, well, I can't help myself. Oh, Aneboda, I know you're a horrible particle-board floozy, but I love you anyway.
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Yesterday I discovered possibly the most awesome of all places to shop:


There was nothing in that store that was not absolutely fabulous. And dude, I could afford like...50% of the crap in there. That's saying something. Because right now I am not exactly rolling in the money.

We went there just to get a bookcase, but ended up with:

Billy Bookcase

Aneboda 3 Drawer Set

Alexander Company Chair

Plus some other stuff like very nifty boxes, magazine holders, a new coffee mug, and bedsheets (which nearly had us strangling each other).

It was also nice to see his parents again (I love his folks, they're made of awesome). His mom is such a hoot.

The apartment is in various stages of being a complete disaster area. Although with the new bedsheets and the bookcase in the bedroom, it's actually not so bad. Space is getting scarce, but still.

I have a new chair! Which is fabulous and not at all uncomfortable and way better than the one I did have.


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