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I finally finished the huge journal that I've been using since last year. It was a big challenge for me, because the journal was not only big (I usually like smaller journals), but it was also unlined. I had never had an unlined journal before.

I have to say, it was a liberating experience. I'm not decided if I'll go back to a lined journal or not. But I do know that I did a lot more art and collage work in this journal because I had the blank page to work with.

However, there were times when I really wanted to just write about something, and the unlined paper not only made that a challenge because I'm really anal about my handwriting and keeping things straight (to the point where I'd put lined paper underneath) but also made me hesitate sometimes and go, "Ugh, I'm too tired to do this."

I tried some new stuff with this journal. For one, I got inspired by PostSecret, and sort of did my own "postsecrets" in my journal, and I really liked those. But some are too intimate to be sharing on a comm (and some are NSFW). I also got a list of really good journaling prompts that asks you to write about random things from political beliefs to pet names. Those helped on days when I felt like I had nothing in me.

Some pages beneath the cut. Not precisely dialup safe, but definitely work safe )

I've gotta go make dinner now!

*sniff sniff*

Saturday, 2 December 2006 12:34
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Goodbye, red journal of Embodiment. You served me well for exactly 11 months of my life.

A tribute then, to lined!red!journal.

homage to a favorite food the first page inside
good ol' red!journal a new beginning

The new journal is black and unlined, a definite change for me. I'm hoping it'll mean I'll get more artistically creative instead of falling into my "dear diary today I did blahedy blah blah" routine that I do when I feel like I'm in a rut. Also, maybe not devoting all my creative energies to NaNoWriMo might help.


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