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Tuesday, 23 January 2007 09:12
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Stev(i)e McDangermouse.
You died for cheese.
I'm sorry.
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Stev(i)e McDangermouse has not taken the bait and fallen for the humane traps. We saw Stev(i)e last night running into one of the closets and we tried to trap it so we could very nicely transport Stev(i)e outside where s/he could be free and alive - but it was to no avail. Stev(i)e is impressively fast and wily.

S/he's outsmarted all the humane traps made of bottles and didn't take the bait on the one trap that was guaranteed to work. Technically, Andrew wanted to set the deadly traps tonight, but I pleaded with him to give Stev(i)e one more chance. Stev(i)e didn't take the deal.

Thus, Andrew has set the very *not* humane traps. Stev(i)e's days are limited.

Still. Stev(i)e is a clever little rodent. I give hir a fighting chance of living long enough to find ANOTHER apartment to live in. There's two other apartments with dogs in them. Which means an abundant source of food that's already on the floor and brand new canine friends for Stev(i)e.

Okay, so I'm told that dogs will actually eat mice, same as cats. But still. If a dog ate a mouse, that'd be okay. Because anything vs. dogs and I cheer for the dogs. Also? One critter killing another falls under my Circle of Life exception to feeling sad.

But I guess if you're a mouse, this apartment is the equivalent of rent-controlled. Try getting someone to move out of *that*.
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So, the mouse is now named Steve McDangermouse, because I liked both names equally well. Unless the mouse is a girl mouse, but I suppose Steve is still okay. Like Stevie Nicks, maybe.

Okay. The mouse is now named Stev(i)e McDangermouse.

We discovered that Stev(i)e's been eating the rice that's in the bowl by Andrew's Buddha statue and zen garden. I don't know whether Buddha would be offended or pleased with this.

I know Andrew is definitely on the side of Not At All Pleased Whatsoever.

I think Stev(i)e may have a shortened life expectancy. We put up some homemade humane traps made with soda bottles and paper towel tubes, and we're going to see how that goes - but Andrew has vowed that if we don't catch it tonight and can't find a better humane trap at K-Mart tomorrow, then we'll use the not-so-humane traps and Stev(i)e dies.

He also thinks it's a bad idea that I named the mouse. He named Nippy and she doesn't even regulate her own body temperature. So I get to name Stev(i)e.

I've never killed a mammal before. I've killed bugs, a bird, and I think I killed a fish once. But never anything that's born in the same way that I am. I'm oddly squeemish about it. I'm not really scared of mice and rats at all. Technically Andrew would be the mouse-killer in question, but still. I'm part of a conspiracy to kill a mouse.

It's weird to think about it, but technically, there's a couple of monkeys trying to kill a mouse. Because humans are just primates. So we're monkeys. A monkey trying to catch a mouse.

If Stev(i)e is smart, s/he'll walk into one of the humane traps so we can take him outside and let him go with hir little rodent life.

Ah, glee!

Wednesday, 17 January 2007 20:57
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I need this gleepost so much right now.

5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Got to use my hat, gloves, and scarf, because it's actually COLD
2. SeaQuest from Netflix. Old school 90's sci-fi is love.
3. Diet Coke. I am such an addict.
4. My f-list is on a winning streak of epic proportions
5. Talking to my mom.

3 Things I Did Well Today

1. Made dinner and didn't burn it, fry it, undercook it, or throw it against the wall
2. Did not freak out when it was confirmed that we have a mouse. I want to trap it, keep it, and name it Danger Mouse (or Steve McQueen, ala House). Andrew wants to introduce it to Nippy the Wonder Snake.
3. Got mail sent out and taken care of

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Finishing edits and researching agents
2. Possible snow on Friday


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