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For all the novel writers on my list:

[ profile] nanowrifa. Go join. Make me happy and write a novel.

Also: poetry class hurts my feelings and thank god the teacher finally gave us the option of not having our poetry discussed in class. Because frankly, I'm tired of having a bunch of people say "uhh...I don't get it..." and then tearing it apart and nobody even bothering to say, "Oh, I liked this...uh...word."

I mean, people write complete shit in that class. Poems that are about their abstract pain and "falling into darkness" and whatnot and I *always* find at least one positive thing to say.

Anyway, I hate poetry and realize I'll never be able to do it.

But on the plus side - tomorrow is Friday and I get to start my next novel. WHEEEEE.

- Meg
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In which FEMA instead of handling claims just mails out claim forms to people who are in shelters or in areas where mail isn't running at all .

I realize not everyone on my f-list is American, but for those that are - say something. Post something. Write somebody, okay?

If nothing else, link the article and let people decide for themselves. Also, point people to [ profile] thete1. Just do that for me, okay? Won't take you FIVE frelling seconds. If you can take time to post about what you did last night or your new favorite pretend-boyfriend actor, you can do this.

'cause guess what, eventually your number in the Natural Disaster Line will come up. You really want FEMA to mail a claim package to your non-existent house while you roam through your destroyed neighborhood looking for your loved ones who may or may not be alive?


The more I work on completing and editing my novel, the more I realize that I'm not as done as I thought I was.

Also, still pimping for National Novel Writing Fall. Nanowrifa. For those who have asked me about it, I'll be getting back to you, okay?

- Meg


Sunday, 4 September 2005 04:01
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- Rehnquist has died. Roe v. Wade is in mortal danger. America is screwed. Bush is gonna kill us all. Pretty soon women won't even be able to own property or vote or wear pants. Bush has made it clear he hates anything that he doesn't agree with and will do everything in his very vast presidental power to squash it. This includes Iraq, stem cell research, gay marriage, and you liberal hippie commie freaks who believe in rights and voting and freedom.

- Bush is out to destroy everything good about America. I'm tired of my country slowly getting worse and worse and being the bad guy all the time and the mess with Katrina and his complete refusal to talk with Cindy Sheehan. Bush should never have been elected and he needs to be impeached four years ago.

- O, Canada!

- Novel is now in chronological order and I'm closer to done than I thought. This makes me very happy.

- Colorbars are addictive.

- I am so tired, but felt I should update.

- My poetry got confused and not favorable comments from teacher and students when I read it in class on Friday. First reaction: stupid peons just don't know good poetry when you see it. Second reaction: OH GOD I SUCK SO BADLY! Third reaction: Okay, they don't get it and maybe I screwed up. Fourth reaction: *sob*
Fifth reaction: Breath. Okay. Just don't write like this again and stick to poems about your deep inner problems and vaguely worded angst. "Falling into darkness" and "I want to die" are always useful.

- National Novel Writing Fall. September 22 - December 21st. Start thinking about doing it now. I'm officially recruiting. Ask me how.


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