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NY Governor caught up in prostitution scandal.

While I realize that this isn't funny for him, or his family, I can't help but laughing. It's all so frickin' hilarious. Firstly, because it was stupid and secondly, because his speech last night was both lolarious and akin to spitting on a forest fire.

For every Spitzer that gets found out, I'm sure there are dozens and dozens of politicians who have been paying to get their boards waxed by hookers, whores, and other ladies of the night for years. Decades even. I think a random sampling would probably reveal that 4 out of 5 governors, Congresspeople, and Senators are doing something rephrensible. You know, other than leading our country into a pointless, unjustified war and ruining us economically, environmentally, and educationally.

My only question is why hasn't Spitzer resigned and gone off to lick his wounds yet, because clearly there's nothing else left for him to do. It's not like he can have any kind of political career after this.

And for anyone who wants to argue, YES there is a big difference between having a willing and unpaid intern sit on the Presidental staff and a prostitute.

Namely, the prostitute was much better looking.
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Bill O'Reilly is warning the world about LESBIAN GANGS. With pink pistols. They're forcing poor helpless schoolgirls into doing heinous LESBIAN GANG THINGS.

I think I saw this once and it was a porn movie with women named after candies and semi-precious stones.

My question is, how long do you have to be a member to get the pink pistol and where can I sign up? I WANT TO BE IN A LESBIAN GANG!

You know, this is just so outrageous and stupid that I can't even be mad. At least Bill O'Reilly is good for the lulz, even if he can't achieve anything remotely resembling accurate news reporting.
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I'm not one of those that think everyone who has any kind of religious faith is evil/stupid. But I can understand where those that *do* get their fodder from.

Mel Gibson's movie causes the devil to make a man nearly strangle his wife..

What's even worse is that I totally paused and wondered if this was an Onion article because I didn't actually believe there was a "God Channel".


*shakes head*.

I hope the woman eventually gets it together and leaves her husband. I hope her husband gets help.


In personal news, the job front isn't going so hot. I'm worried, but not too worried. I'm very seriously looking at temp agencies as the next step if nothing comes to fruition in the next week or two.

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Thursday, 15 September 2005 11:31
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Pat Robertson blames on Ellen Degeneres being allowed to host the Emmys.

Can Pat Robertson please stop EXISTING now? Yeah, thanks.

Now you *know* why people hate Christianity despite the efforts of some Christians to be very cool.

But please don't judge Christians by this shrub. I think God's about to send him a Cease-and-Desist letter. I know I'd like to.

Dear Pat Robertson,

Please Cease and Desist being on Planet Earth. Either die or live on Mars. I don't really care. Just cease and desist.


PS - I'm putting you on talk restriction, Pat. You can no longer use the English language. Or any language. Not even sign language. Because you've shown that you only use your powers for evil.

ETA: - Apparently, Pat Robertson did not utter this *particular* bit of stupid. This article on Snopes says that Pat Robertson did not in fact blame Katrina on Ellen. (thanks to [ profile] denoue_moi. That said, I stand by my assertion that Pat Roberston needs to a) be off Planet Earth and b) never talk again.

- Meg


Sunday, 4 September 2005 04:01
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- Rehnquist has died. Roe v. Wade is in mortal danger. America is screwed. Bush is gonna kill us all. Pretty soon women won't even be able to own property or vote or wear pants. Bush has made it clear he hates anything that he doesn't agree with and will do everything in his very vast presidental power to squash it. This includes Iraq, stem cell research, gay marriage, and you liberal hippie commie freaks who believe in rights and voting and freedom.

- Bush is out to destroy everything good about America. I'm tired of my country slowly getting worse and worse and being the bad guy all the time and the mess with Katrina and his complete refusal to talk with Cindy Sheehan. Bush should never have been elected and he needs to be impeached four years ago.

- O, Canada!

- Novel is now in chronological order and I'm closer to done than I thought. This makes me very happy.

- Colorbars are addictive.

- I am so tired, but felt I should update.

- My poetry got confused and not favorable comments from teacher and students when I read it in class on Friday. First reaction: stupid peons just don't know good poetry when you see it. Second reaction: OH GOD I SUCK SO BADLY! Third reaction: Okay, they don't get it and maybe I screwed up. Fourth reaction: *sob*
Fifth reaction: Breath. Okay. Just don't write like this again and stick to poems about your deep inner problems and vaguely worded angst. "Falling into darkness" and "I want to die" are always useful.

- National Novel Writing Fall. September 22 - December 21st. Start thinking about doing it now. I'm officially recruiting. Ask me how.


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