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In which FEMA instead of handling claims just mails out claim forms to people who are in shelters or in areas where mail isn't running at all .

I realize not everyone on my f-list is American, but for those that are - say something. Post something. Write somebody, okay?

If nothing else, link the article and let people decide for themselves. Also, point people to [ profile] thete1. Just do that for me, okay? Won't take you FIVE frelling seconds. If you can take time to post about what you did last night or your new favorite pretend-boyfriend actor, you can do this.

'cause guess what, eventually your number in the Natural Disaster Line will come up. You really want FEMA to mail a claim package to your non-existent house while you roam through your destroyed neighborhood looking for your loved ones who may or may not be alive?


The more I work on completing and editing my novel, the more I realize that I'm not as done as I thought I was.

Also, still pimping for National Novel Writing Fall. Nanowrifa. For those who have asked me about it, I'll be getting back to you, okay?

- Meg

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Sunday, 24 July 2005 13:30
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51439 WORDS!

I've done both Nanowrimo and Nanowrisu.

Just thought you'd like to know that I kinda rock right now. I'm doing the Me Dance. It's a good dance.

Also, I painted a picture using acrylics for the first time last night and it looks *really* good. *REALLY*.

I may need to go buy more cheap canvas and do more, because acrylics are like fifty bazillion times easier than oils and why the *hell* did I spend so long thinking that oils were the only way to go?


Novel Writing Playlist for July

1. K's Choice f/ Skunk Anansie - Weak As I Am (Live)

2. Rihanna - Pon De Replay

3. Morcheeba - Supreme Beings of Leisure

4. Damien Rice - Cheers Darlin'

5. Mediaeval Baebes - Fowles In The Frith

6. Mediaeval Baebes - Omnes Gentes Plaudit (Drinking Song)

7. Our Lady Peace - Stealing Babies

8. Thievery Corporation - Richest Man in Babylon

9. The Four Lads - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

10. Billy Holiday - Solitude

11. Ludacris - Stand Up

12. Queen - Killer Queen

13. Rosemary Clooney - Come On A-My House

14. Brad Paisley f/ Allison Kraus - Whiskey Lullaby

15. Frou Frou - The Dumbing Down of Love

If you want any of these songs, comment and I'll chuck 'em your way.

...and, feel free to nab this:

Writing Is Love

- Meg


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