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Pictures from Andrew's visit here, thumbnailed mercifully for slow dialup )

Definitely going to make it a point to gleepost my way through this week, keep busy, and not give into the urge to devour EVERY piece of remotely tasty food I see before me in an effort to salve my inner turmoil.

I feel that working on the novel, schoolwork (last resort!) and cuddling with the free range furballs is a better solution. They're not the free range Geek!boy that I'm jonesing for, but they're very furry and have absolutely no understanding of turmoil, thus, they could care less unless this turmoil involves something tasty dropping from the table.

Which is good.

So I'm gonna go write and resist the urge to munch like a fiend, you enjoy the pictures, I'll catch up with the f-list and see you tomorrow.
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Teh_boy is putting pictures on my computer so I'm updating quickly on his laptop. He has to fly out at about 5, so I'll probably go dark-side-of-the-moon on y'all until the inevitable post-boy depression lifts. 'cause hey. Who needs to hear about my angst?

However, on the happier side of things - there will be pretty pictures later this evening of stuff we did like St. Augustine (a drinking town with a fishing problem) and South Ponte Vedra beach and various other stuff. And a random picture of a painting I did.

I'm sad to see the boy go, of course, but I am *super* the thrilled that he came and surprised me. Made my whole year, really.

So I'm gonna go cuddle while the cuddlin' is good and I'll see you f-listers on the flipside.

PS - [ profile] ladyslvr, you're gonna make a post right and [ profile] wisdomeagle, porn is still forthcoming, depression not with standing.


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