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Sunday, 21 August 2005 09:16
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Yeah, this is where I say bye-bye for a few days 'cause I'm flying back to Florida in a few hours (*sob*) and I'll have nothing to say except "I miss my boy wahhhh!" and "work sucks" and "school is okay" and I can say that now minus the blubbering on the keyboard.

Yesterday was fun, we went to The Strand and this place called Cosi where you eat sandwiches made with flatbread and I never did that before.

But as an overview:

Reasons that Meg liked New York

- Cooler than Florida
- Lots to do
- Has the boy in it
- Lots to see

Reasons Meg couldn't live in New York

- dirty
- noisy
- the feeling of descending into hell when going into the subway system
- subways in general (they're clean and efficient and all, but *dude*, crowded and they make me nervous)
- personal space issues when in public
- graffiti isn't my thing, art wise
- expensive as hell (seven bucks for a sandwich? Dude, that's like airport food.)

Okay, gonna go pack stuff and eat and sob and I'll see you after the post-vacation, post-boy depression has lifted.

- Meg
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Postsecret - a place where people send post cards of their secrets and they get posted to this site.

It totally fascinates me the secrets that people have. Dark secrets (I was raped, I was beaten) and funny secrets (I eat boogers, I like WalMart) and secrets that make no sense and secrets that could be someone you know.

Is there a comm like this on livejournal? Should there be?

I thought about starting one, but the thing is, I'd be afraid that people would start posting how they want to commit suicide or how they're being molested or know someone who is.

And I don't know if I could handle that - thing is, I'm not even sure I can handle reading these postcards prolongedly. Because while some are funny, and many are very artistically done - I don't know that I can look at things about people's deep, profound sorrow without going a little off the deep end. Because it's like having someone scream at you in the dark and you can't see where they're coming from.

Not to mention the moral dilemma. What if someone sends a post card that says "I murdered him" or "I'm going to commit suicide". Are you obligated to try to squeal on them, call up the police department or tell someone? Even worse, if you can't. If you know that someone, somewhere is hurt or hurting someone and there's nothing you can do about it.

I think that's the nature of secrets. They create a helplessness, because they take away power. They put people in a position to be superior to another person - at least in a given situation.

That's why we have this love and hate of secret. Why we protect certain secrets and demand the revelation of others. We refuse to allow a priest, a lawyer or a doctor to tell what they know - but at the same time we don't let people cover up crimes, we demand that people with knowledge of things tell authorities.

We tell children to come to adults, but we tell them not to be tattletales.

We don't want for people to have secrets from us (thus, power over us) but we want to protect our ability to get power over them.

Which is why sites like this are so interesting.


Also -

- last night in bed, my boyfriend told me this really hilarious story.

Apparently at some zoo somewhere, there were these penguins. And they figured out somehow that they could get out of their little cage place or whatever if they took a running jump.

So they'd do this (horrible horrible freedom!) and they'd be out, but have no idea what to do. But they couldn't get back in. So sometimes the zookeepers would find them milling around in front of their own exhibit.

But it gets better.

They didn't just do this at night. They'd do it in the day. And some poor schmoe that was walking past the penguin exhibit actually got *hit* by a penguin that was escaping.

Yes. I laughed like a hyena for like an hour.


couple of more pics I forgot ) 

- Meg
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Did the Bronx Zoo yesterday, lots of pics here from the boy's digital camera as well as pictures from Salem, MA and Grand Central Station. And of course, some completely gratuitous pictures of my bebies (aka my dogs) because they were on his computer from when he came to Florida and everyone needs to marvel at the cuteness that is my dogs. Pics are kinda big - just a warning to dialup folks. Thus, separated and cut tagged.

bronx zoo pictures )

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Monday, 15 August 2005 22:10
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Tired like *woah* after the trip to Salem, Massachusettes with teh_boy and teh_boy's parents.

They're cool people, I like 'em.

Salem is to Ma what St. Augustine is to Florida. A big cheesy, campy touristy site with some historical stuff and mostly just neat, overpriced shops.

I didn't think it was possible to cheesify paganism/wiccanism/witchcraft, but apparently in Salem the pagan cheese is endless.

It was good campy fun. And the Salem Witch Museum?

Totally out of the sixties or something with the big over-the-top glowing eyed Satan. I *hearted* it.

(s00per sekrit to [ profile] wisdomeagle: would've tried to hook up with you if this had just been me and the boy, but since the boy's parents were in tow and paying for lunch I thought it would be rude to just bring some friend they don't know and that my boyfriend doesn't know (well, although as much I mentioned you...). Will definitely make it a priority to meet with you next time I'm north of the Mason-Dixon).

Will be more detailed about Salem later.

But am tired and the boy seems intent on molesting me at the computer. And that makes it hard to type.

- Meg


Saturday, 13 August 2005 10:33
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I'm not as incommunicado as I thought I'd be 'cause teh_boy possesses an iBook and wireless internet.


Thus, a meme while I eat waffles that he's made for me and play on his pretty iBook. Which I might just steal and replace with a white box that says "iBuk" and hope he doesn't notice 'til after my plane takes off.

Also - I've decided that there should be a law. No kids under like *six* should be allowed on airplanes. No, seriously. Because I figure that little kids don't have the werewithal to understand that sometimes, you really DO need to stay seated and that parents obviously don't have the werewithal to make them understand.

Yes, this might make things more inconvenient for parents who want to travel, but *gee*, maybe kids are just a little bit inconvenient. I think if we were able to enforce good parenting on most parents, most people would chose not to have children. Because they're hard work and they're not always fun and *gasp* you DO have to give up stuff.

Thus, anyone who can be a good parent should totally get a medal or something. Because most people CAN'T.


10 Years Ago:
- Church camp. Crush on camp counselors of both sexes.

5 Years Ago
- Going to Washington DC in the summer, not working the stupid movie theatre job.

1 Year Ago:
First summer in Florida. Working Best Buy then Panera.

Arrived at JFK to see teh_boy

Going to CT on the train to see the boy's parents and go to Salem, Massachusetts.

5 Snacks:
Smores granola bars, rice cakes, sunflower seeds, pistacchios, swiss cake rolls

5 Bands/ Artists:
Frou Frou, Billie Holiday, Black Eyed Peas, Mediaeval Baebes, Res

Things I Would Do With £100,000,000:
Pay off school bills, buy a house, finance book writing, invest, buy stuff for my parents/family/friends, donate to charity

5 Locations I Would Like To Run Away To:
England, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, Canada

5 Bad Habits I Have:
Being messy, biting nails, not listening to people, being forgetful, typing with the wrong fingers

5 Things I Like Doing:
Reading, writing, playing on LJ, watching TV, fangirling

5 Things I Will Never Wear:
Super pointy heels, flip flops with heels, leg warmers, strange hairdoes, anything that Mischa Barton has ever worn.

5 T.V. Shows I Like(d):
Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Highlander, Dr. Who 2005, Angel

5 Movies I Like:
Office Space, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fight Club, A Knight's Tale, Se7en

5 People I'd Like To Meet:
Rodney McKay, Jack O'Neill, Methos, Queen Elizabeth I, Jonathan Brandis

5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
being with boy, friends, writing my novel, LJ, my dogs

5 Favorite Toys:
computer, iPod, my TV shows on DVDs, uh...
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Have landed safe and soundish in NY. Still taking requests for stuff (cheap stuff, tee shirts, keychains, tourist-y crap).

Also, I'm going to be in Salem, Mass (yes, home of the witch trials) so if anyone wants any cool witchy stuff also let me know. 'kay?

It's frelling hot in Andrew's apartment because he turns his air off when he's not home and it was 94 when I landed. But it's slowly getting tolerable. I'm hoping for room temperature by tomorrow morning.

The flight, however, SUCKED.

I sat on the other side of the aisle from this Hellspawn who wouldn't stay in his seat, screamed like a banshee the entire time and then puked all over the aisle as we landed. And mid-air, his mom sees fit to change his diaper right there in the damn seat.

My fallopian tubes? Just tied themselves into square knots. Seriously. I think my entire reproductive system shriveled and died.

I am now going to offer sacrifices to the Gods of Birth Control.

- Meg


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