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Wednesday, 22 March 2006 17:24
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I'll post pictures from Boston later. It was shorter than expected because we were supposed to walk down a red lined walking tour path. But it was extremely cold and windy (so cold that Andrew's mom, dad, and I all got windburned. Andrew, being the freak that he is, however, did not). So we cut our visit short and sort of did a drive-by cruise of Boston.

But we did eat at this really cool Irish pub place called The Black Rose. And I tried shepherd's pie and it's not bad. I'm sure it's not like the British would make it - but it was pretty nice. It was all the American staples just sorta remixed. Gravy, ground meat, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes.

Separate that out and put them in separate sections of a tray and you've got a government school lunch.

Anyway - the food there was pretty damn good. Irish fries...also interesting.

The aquarium rocked.

And today was book and movie day. I always like going to the Strand and Forbidden Planet when I'm in New York. I scored a lot of good books (psst, [ profile] denoue_moi, I scored a really book of vintage 1900-1920's porn/erotica. I thought of you when looking at it).

The movie we saw, "Thank You For Smoking", and is pretty funny. It's a little meandering and I'm not sure it works as a satire as well as some other films, but it's not a bad film. I'd recommend it, but "V for Vendetta" (which we saw when we were in Hartford) is much better.

V for Vendetta is scary on an intellectual and political level, especially because it manages to make me believe that this is the future we're facing, but it also gives me no heroes. Even when I really want one, even when I really want to find familiar parts, the movie jars me.

Which is what makes it so fabulous. Natalie Portman is okay as Evey. She does bald very well.

- Meg
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I'm all safe and landed and I'm in Andrew's apartment.

I'm told there will be pyrogies.


We took a nice nap together in which I dreamed that I was talking to him in the same bed and the same place, but wasn't. That tells you just how much I'm happy to be here.

Except for the part where he's harassing me with his snake and he keeps trying to get us to be friends.

(Yes, that's a *literal* snake. She's a garden snake named nippy.)

But I am with my boy, and I am quite happy and Dr. Who was on TV last night and my face doesn't hurt and I don't know about you, but this is good stuff.

And dude, even on the *plane*. There were kids, but they behaved themselves. They were polite. They did not make excessive noise. They were less fidgety than I was. My faith in parents and in people under the age of 12? *Totally restored*.

The only let down is that the airline has lost my luggage. But I have confidence it'll be delivered by tonight.

May everyone have a good day like this.


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