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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Lined up some people to read the novel (still looking for a couple more)
2. New The Closer. I love that show more than is probably healthy. THANK YOU.
3. Chair dancing to 80's #1 hits. When I figure out how to chairdance Thriller, I'll let you know.
4. Exchanged a series of emails with an awesome new friend
5. One day left 'til Florida

3 Things I Did Well

1. Took a long walk, despite humidity/heat, to work off an indulgence of pasta at lunch
2. Did the dishes
3. I have paper journaled pretty consistently. I have not given up on [ profile] embodiment completely yet.

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Flying on Jet Blue. Because they have TVs on the backs of the chairs and THEY GET ALL MY CHANNELS. Oh, and blue potato chips.
2. Seeing my family (and my furbabies. I have missed my dogs THIS MUCH).
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Bagels are awesome
2. We get to have the AC in, thus it's so *nice* in the apartment
3. 2 days until Florida/Sister's Wedding/Cruise. I'm psyched about seeing people (and my dogs!)
4. The new paper journal to write in is working out well
5. Lazy Sundays = awesome.

3 Things I Did Well Today

1. I FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I am within a couple of pounds of my goal weight for the wedding, which is good
3. Did the dishes

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. My sister's wedding (some parts)
2. Taking a little bit of time off to recharge the batteries

Home again

Monday, 30 July 2007 13:07
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Connecticut was fabulous as always. I got my much needed fuzzy fix, and confirmed that indeed, the Boy's family is made of pure awesome.

I don't know that there could be a better family for me to be marrying into.

We got the usual goodies at the various places we like to frequent (ham and cheese loaf! ZOMG!). I also got a ridiculous amount of writing accomplished, and was used as a trampoline by a cat. It was awesome.

Saw two movies. The Simpsons Movie was awesome. That's a duh. The Harry Potter movie was a waste of film if you asked me, and has completely departed from the books and devolved into an excuse to have the trio running around, dimly lit and angsty.

Andrew's mom (Mrs. Awesome herself) not only got me a CD from the music festival she was at, but let me rip a CD of hers that also is incredible.

I'm a little sad to be away from the critters, and of course I love spending time with Andrew's family, but they're close. We'll see them soon.

Now, I just have to deal with my family. I can already hear the Drama Llama coming. I swear, I cannot wait until this is all over. At least we have our passports now. There's that.
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While LJ was shut down, I had so many things to blog about and now I can't think of them!

Okay, let's bullet point this and get it over with.

  • Going to Connecticut in a few hours to dog/cat/petsit for Andrew's parents. It is a thing beyond all awesome. DOGS! CATS! CONNECTICUT! I'll get my fuzzy fix and go to the Book Barn.

  • Since we don't have the license plate for out car (it was stolen), we're taking the train. Wheeeee! I love trains. They are my absolute favorite way to travel.

  • Concerning the license plate: we got pulled over on Saturday by a cop. At first he was kind of brusque, but once he saw Andrew's crime lab ID, he became laid back and sort of indifferent and after we explained the situation he sent us on our way and all he said was, "You know more than I do."

  • Yes, I've been thoroughly spoiled (by myself) for Book 7. Feel free to discuss it around me all you like.

  • Quote of the Week: "That's it. That's what we're naming our firstborn child, boy or girl: Monkey J. Monkington." - Andrew

  • I take the above to be proof that not only should Andrew and I never have children, but that we might want to look into having any future pets pre-named for us. I hear the nice folks at the Humane Society do that for you.

  • I am THISCLOSE to my goal weight for my sister's wedding. Just three more pounds. God, I hope that dress fits when I get into it.

  • Congressman's office is not as helpful in helping with our passports as I thought they would be. I still think our congressman is kinda cute.

  • Re: current novel - I am two chapters away from flawless victory. I will have this sucker complete before I go to Florida if I have to start dictating to Andrew while I'm in the shower.

  • New blog! I know you're all groaning, but it's actually just a crossposting non-LJ version of [ profile] fiction_theory. It's over here. I set it up and posted in it while LJ was down.

  • While LJ was down, I was so desperate to blog/journal I set up accounts at InsaneJournal, GreatestJournal, Blogspot, eBloggy and was seriously considering blogging via MySpace. I may have a psychological problem that needs looking into.

  • I've been in a rush all day, but gotten everything done that I needed to do! Yay me.

  • I really need to get back in the gleepost swing. I miss it so much.

  • Yesterday's weather was so fabulous I could not even begin to describe it. It stayed below 78 all day. Living further north does have its advantages.

  • Someone is growing tomatoes out behind our apartment building. I need to find out who and if I can get on the delicious homegrown action.

  • Connecticut, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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    The passports for me and The Boy haven't arrived yet. We applied for them in March, and still, nothing.

    My sister's wedding is the first week in August, so you can see how we're in a bind.

    Apparently the trick to getting your passports through the system are to write to your congressman or contact their office. Apparently they can help expedite things along.

    Well, I'm sure they don't personally do it. I'm sure that their office staff takes care of it and stamps the congressperson's name on it. But still. They're the go-to guys for passport help.

    So I just called my congressman (Anthony Weiner), and the people at his office were really, really nice. I guess I wouldn't expect them to be rude, although when I called Congresswoman Velazquez's office (by mistake), the person who first answered the phone sounded like they were chewing on something and angry at the same time. Huh.

    Anyway, the very helpful, perky people at Mr. Weiner's office said to mail and/or fax them the details and they'd see what they could do. So that's done.

    So I took a peak around at my congressman's website and discovered three things.

    1) Damn. We have a kinda good lookin' Congressman. (Yes I am shallow).

    2) I really, really like his politics. No to guns, yes to pro-choice, yes to the environment.

    3) I will probably be voting for this guy next election. I need to register to vote in New York. I've been afraid because I don't know if it'll screw up my taxes or not. And I don't want to get pulled for jury duty. Jury duty scares me. Still, I need to vote.


    Maybe I'll get Jury Duty on one of the days they're filming Law & Order and I'll get to see Jesse L. Martin.


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