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Words cannot express how much I wish I had this bunny. Oh my god it's a big bunny! *flails*

cut for the biggest damn bunny, evah! )

Randomly: Did you know that rabbits can't be declawed like cats? They have to have their claws to be able to walk and hop.

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Thursday, 4 May 2006 17:48
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I'd say sorry that I've been absent from LJ land, but uh. I'm not. I've been in New York being treated like a *princess*. So, yeah.

On Sunday, we took a nice walk to and through a cemetery that's near Andrew's apartment. It might sound like a creepy place, but it was nice to actually be in a place where I didn't feel that New York-y type of claustrophobia that comes from knowing that everything around you for miles and miles is straight concrete and crowds.

It was very beautiful and New York in spring (where there is evidence of spring) is gorgeous.

cemetery pictures plus one )

I'll post the pictures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art tomorrow. There's a lot of them and I need to look up the artists for the pictures where I didn't make a mental note or a picture of the name plate.
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Did the Bronx Zoo yesterday, lots of pics here from the boy's digital camera as well as pictures from Salem, MA and Grand Central Station. And of course, some completely gratuitous pictures of my bebies (aka my dogs) because they were on his computer from when he came to Florida and everyone needs to marvel at the cuteness that is my dogs. Pics are kinda big - just a warning to dialup folks. Thus, separated and cut tagged.

bronx zoo pictures )

grand central and salem )

gratuitous pics of my pets )


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