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Well, poetry class was cancelled, so glee for that!

And since I haven't gotten to share torture people with my poetry in two weeks, I figured I'd post a couple of things here:

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For those who didn't see Mrs. Doubtfire - my mom has a job.


We celebrated with evil chinese food.

I'm so *frelling* happy not only because this means the money situation will get better but my mom will be out of the damn house and not that I don't like the time I've spent with my mom, but I really think it was getting to her self esteem.

Yay for job-age!!!!!

May the job luck spread to all on the f-list who need it.


Also - I'm trying to decide whether to filter out my poetry. One of the classes I'm taking this semester is a poetry workshop, and it's likely I'll be posting my poetry here (unless you think it belongs at [ profile] sage_theory).

So gimme comments as to whether you think I should a) filter and b) whether you'd want to be on said filter.

Thing is - I *know* I'm not ee cummings or Allen Ginsberg or Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson or anything. I get that my poetry is pretty horrid and terrifying on the *best* of days. Up 'til now poetry's been public, but I'm wondering if airing my terrible poetry in person is really the best thing ever. Also there might be people who care nothing about poetry (mine or otherwise) and would appreciate for it not to start appearing on their f-list pages.

So this is pretty much now in y'all's hands. I don't care either way.

And I truly will *not* take offense to you saying "please filter and please leave me OFF the filter". Really. Not everyone wants to see their 'net buddy's gut-wrenchingly, toe-curlingly, mind-boggingly *bad* attempts to be poetic and deep. Not everyone likes *poetry* period.

- Meg


Wednesday, 13 July 2005 23:04
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For some reason, I write the most cracktastic poetry during my lit class. Mostly because all the intellectual and literary wank makes me need to retreat to my Happy Place^TM.

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- Meg


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