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Andrew and I are now officially domestic partners!

Domestic Partnership
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I don't know why, but lately it seems like all weddings must be accompanied by serious illness.

We're up here for The Boy's cousin's wedding and the Boy's sister has been having stomach pains, so yesterday she went to the hospital and they thought it was her appendix. They do all the tests, and think that it's 99.9% sure it's her appendix.

They get in there laproscopically and see that the appendix is fine. But, further explanation reveals the problem is in her intestines.

She came out of surgery with a 101 degree fever. After four bags of antibiotics? That's serious.

So keep her in your thoughts (prayers if you do that sort of thing). We're going to visit her in a little while.

Despite this, CT is good and the dogs are very dogtastical. The cats are catastic. Although last night, Rowan had some separation anxiety and was howling until we let her out of her crate. Poor girl. I know how sudden schedule disruptions can make you feel hurdy-gurdy.

Me? I'm just glad not to be at work. Don't get me wrong, my job is going fine. But? I already know I do not want to stay there any longer than my internship if I can help it.

I'd like to get into the literary swing of things, if I can. Or at least out of a business-oriented place.
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The Boy: ...Then we prepped it and ran it on GCMS.

Me: You realize that I didn't understand any of that.

The Boy: I did science on it.
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5 Good Things

1. The Boy
2. The Boy
3. The Boy
4. The Boy
5. The Boy
6 (BONUS!) The Boy

Okay, so lemme tell you the tale. Last night I *thought* I was accompanying my mother to some company dinner thing she had as my stepfather had leadership training or whatever for his school and couldn't come. So I get all dolled up and we're going to this nice Italian restaurant (where it's supposed to be) and I'm thinking okay, I've gotta be nice to all her coworkers and talk small talk.

Wasn't really looking forward to it.

We go into the restaurant and my mom says "We're with ESI" (my mom's work) and the waiter takes us to the back and I'm still thinking this is a company dinner.

In the back of the restaurant, hiding behind a menu is TEH BOY!

He and my mom had been collaborating conspiring for like a month on doing this. Because my mom told me I'd be her "date" to this company dinner in October or whatever. So I suspected NOTHING.

But my mom and stepdad and boyfriend set the entire thing up. EVERYTHING. They picked him up from the airport, made the dinner reservations, everything.

Best. Lie. Ever.

So I'm at Panera, skipping class guilt-free (if ever there was a reason to skip class!) and calling into the work because HEY. The boy!

He says my face was priceless. It probably was after my brain stopped grinding like a bad hard drive and figured out who he has. Because me? Very. Very. Very. Surprised. I seriously had no clue at all. Points to my mom for being the conniving lady that she is.

I may or may not be around (three guesses why), and kisses to all.

- Meg

PS - [ profile] wisdomeagle, I have your bday K/I pr0nage in progress and DUDER your nano novel? You're rocking on. I can't wait to read it.


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