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Andrew and I got back in from Las Vegas at about 10pm last night and didn't do much else. I've spent the morning (or what little of it I didn't sleep through, stupid time lag) going through my f-list and email and what not. If anything important happened that I missed, let me know.

Las Vegas was pretty fun. I might put up some pictures of it, particularly of the rather scenic views of the Mojave Desert and the Hoover Dam.

Here are the quick highlights of the trip

1. The Star Trek Experience (in the Las Vegas Hilton where we stayed) was fun. Seeing our friends [ profile] br0ken_dolly and [ profile] davidmn get married by Elvis on the bridge of the Enterprise was nothing less than a hoot. Yes. I did say that correctly. Elvis performed the ceremony that was done on the bridge of the Enterprise. And actually, both the Star Trek Experience people and the Elvis who did the ceremony were psyched to it, as it was a first for both. The STE people had never had an Elvis for one of their weddings and Elvis had never, as he said, "been able to get beamed aboard". Also, the Elvis had a touching story about how his dad was a big Trekkie and used to love to go to the Star Trek Experience with him.

2. Went to Madam Toussad's Wax Museum. It was great seeing wax sculptures of various celebrities. I think my favorite was either of Sarah Michelle Gellar (posed as Buffy) or one of the presidents.

3. Went to the Hoover Dam. Made a lot of dam jokes. Big dam. Hot dam. Dam tourists. Get on the dam bus. Hoover Dam is actually very impressive and beautiful. There's an overlook about a half-mile away where you can see Lake Mead, which is a big turquoise colored gem in the middle of the ragged, arid desert. It's gorgeous.

4. Didn't win one single thing on the slot machines or video poker, but I only gambled 20 bucks so it wasn't a huge loss or anything. I'm not a big gambler, so I think a lot of Las Vegas' charm was lost on me.

5. The mountains and desert scenery were so impressive and beautiful. I had never been that far west before (I think St. Louis had been my most westward excursion until then).

6. I learned that the desert is very hot and dry. Apparently they were having an unseasonable heatwave (in the 105-110 range) there when it should've only been in the 90's for June. I frankly couldn't tell the difference. Everything out side the air conditioning felt the same to me.

7. Decided that I'm definitely an East Coast Girl. And that I will probably remain an East Coast Girl. God Bless New York City's humid, sticky, crowded, temperate zoned, snow-in-the-winter, often rainy heart.

8. I am still jet lagged. It'll be at least a week or two before I'm back to my usual schedule. I slept in until late here, but it was only 7:30ish according to my body's internal clock, which set itself to Vegas time. Ick.

Home again

Monday, 30 July 2007 13:07
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Connecticut was fabulous as always. I got my much needed fuzzy fix, and confirmed that indeed, the Boy's family is made of pure awesome.

I don't know that there could be a better family for me to be marrying into.

We got the usual goodies at the various places we like to frequent (ham and cheese loaf! ZOMG!). I also got a ridiculous amount of writing accomplished, and was used as a trampoline by a cat. It was awesome.

Saw two movies. The Simpsons Movie was awesome. That's a duh. The Harry Potter movie was a waste of film if you asked me, and has completely departed from the books and devolved into an excuse to have the trio running around, dimly lit and angsty.

Andrew's mom (Mrs. Awesome herself) not only got me a CD from the music festival she was at, but let me rip a CD of hers that also is incredible.

I'm a little sad to be away from the critters, and of course I love spending time with Andrew's family, but they're close. We'll see them soon.

Now, I just have to deal with my family. I can already hear the Drama Llama coming. I swear, I cannot wait until this is all over. At least we have our passports now. There's that.

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Saturday, 31 March 2007 09:49
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Off to Connecticut! Have fun y'all, and don't be too cool until I get back (or get internet access).
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I'm doing [ profile] embodiment again this year. Especially since I now have a slew of great new stuff to use in my quest for visual journaling (yay for labelmakers! yay for stamps!). I'm just pimping because I think everyone should do Embodiment 07.

I did it for all of 2006, and I have to tell you, I didn't think I'd keep up with it - but at current count I've only missed about 15 days of journaling out of the entire year. For someone who was a love 'em and leave 'em Casanova of the journal world, I've become oddly committed. It grew on me live a vine it did.

here have some christmas pictures of me, the boy, his family, my family, florida, connecticut and various critters )

Squeee! [ profile] ladyslvr sent me The City Drive! Double squeee! I've now recieved two rockin' CDs for christmas.

I feel like I should give something back. So I'm totally gonna be all about sharing the music in the coming year, but I hate to post music publicly. So anyone who wants on the music filter - leave a comment.

Note to self: I have soooooooo many thank you cards to send out. This year rocked, loot-wise.
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. As [ profile] wisdomeagle would say: BLESSED BY THE MAIL GODS!
2. Watching Hooked: Illegal Drugs on the plane
3. I touched a giraffe named Spock!
4. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. DOGS!
5. We did not get squashed by an irresponsible truck driver en route to airport.

3 Things I Did Well

1. Did not cry when leaving airport despite feeling sad
2. Finally picked up diploma from school
3. Got packed and ready in a reasonable amount of time

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Writing!
2. Replying to the letters from my penpals!
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Just me and the Boy hangin' out at the airport.

We got up at 4:50am this morning so I'm already tired and shagged out. Blech. Airports exhaust me.

The ride over here was...interesting. Apparently Mae West and Harry Houdini are buried in Queens.

I find it extremely funny that now Jet Blue has direct NYC to Jacksonville flights - and not for the entire two years that Andrew and I were dating while he lived in New York.

That's great.

This is my first time flying Jet Blue, but I've heard tales that they have TVs on the backs of the seats and are really nice. Which, in the world of flying, is like hearing tales about a city of gold and a fountain of youth.

The Boy is grossing me out with pictures of lab grown human bladders from Popular Science.

I can't wait to be in Florida. I get to see my dogs! DOGS! Be warned, I will be posting pics of my furballs. Anyone who doesn't love dogs better get out now.
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. My nose ceased being a chronic source of agony before lunchtime!
2. I can now say that I have an f-list that I'm really proud of.
3. Walking with the boy to get dinner is always fun
4. Packing to go to Florida tomorrow!
5. My pancake war wound doesn't really hurt that much anymore

3 Things That I Did Well

1. Got all the dishes squared away
2. Got most of the preparations for flying tomorrow done
3. Did some important revising and editing of Revenant Blues, thus putting me closer to having a submission-ready manuscript. My goal is somewhere in January to have this sucker polished off.

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Florida, tomorrow. Dogs! Family! Warmer weather!
2. The Boy and I, for the first time, will be on a plane together. I don't have to cry at the airport this time!
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I'll blabber on more about how awesome Connecticut is later. But suffice it to say that my hardest decision in life will be this:

If/when I become wealthy enough to live anywhere I please - do I relocate to Northampton, Massachusetts or Niantic, Connecticut to die happy?

I ♥ Niantic. It is small, charming, on the ocean, contains the Book Barn, and Rocky Neck State Park - where I found much sea glass and shells not to be found in Florida and discovered that I'm abnormally fond of climbing rock formations that I might not be able to get down from.

How much does this state rule?

And, uh, to the Northerners on my f-list, how the frell did you not tell me about Christmas Tree Shops and the fact that toboggans are sleds (not hats)? You're all fired. Sheesh. I depend on you to tell me when things are awesome, and what happens? I find a whole world of most excellent awesomeness and nobody told me.

I love New England. Seriously. Meg/New England ---> OTP.


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