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The scales confirms that I am below the 230 mark, clocking in this morning at a more svelte 227. I'm not sure what the Wii will say tomorrow, but I'm hoping that it will confirm that. The Wii tends to weigh me heavier (by 5 pounds or so), but it also charts my weight, so if I'm at the same relative position, I'll know it's for real.

But damn, it feels good to finally meet a goal that I've been fighting to get to since April.

So, after weighing in, a nice five mile walk/jog and a nectarine for breakfast and heaping big glass of ice water to replace the buckets I sweated, we're off to the races.

And no, I don't know why that song (the one I reference in the title, for those who have seen Office Space) popped into my head when I got the good news on the scale this morning but it did, and I liked it.
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2 Things That Are Good About Today (So Far)

1. It's quite sunny and not at all rainy
2. The scale indicated a little bit of weight loss this morning.

2 Things That I Have Done Well (So Far)

1. Got my morning exercise, despite allergies. Just the strength training left to do this afternoon.
2. Getting wedding things taken care of

1 Thing I Look Forward To

1. Getting a lot of writing done
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I'm really getting sick and tired of people (notably thin people who think they know everything about health and weight loss) who feel the need to pressure us larger types into considering/getting weight loss surgery as though it's somehow really easy just to pop into a doctor's office and get that little obesity problem fixed right up.

Even with systems like the LapBand, it's still fucking surgery, which comes with additional risks the larger you are, due to anesthesia and other factors. And if you have diabetes, heart problems or other health issues, surgery becomes even riskier.

It's also not a guaranteed fix. Yes, you lose weight on that system, but you can gain it back as well. Not to mention that it requires a rather radical shift in lifestyle and how you eat.

We won't talk about the side effects of it, or how things can go permanently bad. With any surgery, death is a risk.

I'm not saying that surgeries like that are bad, or that people are wrong to get them. I think that for some people who have health concerns and reasons to take weight off quickly and can't diet and exercise (or for whom it is demonstrably not effective), having a surgery like that is life saving. If you're 700 pounds, can't get out of bed, are severely diabetic, and facing the loss of life and limb, and surgery can save your life, go for it.

But only if it's the best choice for you, not because people convinced you that you weren't getting skinny fast enough.

I wish people who say, "Oh, why don't you just get weight loss surgery?" would realize what they're saying. You're asking for me to have my body invaded and an organ surgically altered because you don't think I'm where I should be on your Scale of Fitness.

I'm sorry if I'm not shedding these pounds fast enough for you, Oh Thin One, but I'd like to keep attempting something short of having my digestive tract rearranged with surgical tools, thanks. And I think you should help yourself to nice fat glass of Shut The Fuck Up.
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I would just like it known that I really, really fucking hate my body. I hate that I have to work out for an hour a day, eating no more than 1200 calories per day (most of that fruit and veggies) just to peel off one measely pound.

But should I dare to eat Easter dinner, I instantly gain three pounds back.

I am so fucking tired of my body. I am tired of how lousy it works. I am tired of how hideous it looks. I'm tired of the fact that it doesn't do anything right. I'm tired of how much maintenance it is, and how little that maintenance seems to mean in the long run. I'm tired of being told by my own sister that I should look into the lapband surgery because I'm so fat.

Come on. I've been working out for an hour a day for two weeks and then one weekend screws that completely up? You've got to be kidding me. That's not fair. How is that even right?

How is that these people on magazines say they can lose half their body weight just by walking thirty minutes a day, but I exercise for a goddamn hour and nothing. I'm eating nothing but salads and fruits and I'm getting really frustrated and I'm not sure what to do about it.
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It's 18 degrees outside. Sweet skwered shishkabobs, that's cold. Which kind of puts the kabosh on my usual morning walk/jog. I'm dedicated, but I'm not that dedicated. Plus, I just don't have the kind of clothing that could keep me suitably warm. I'd freeze my ass off (literally), and I just don't think I could deal with an assectomy right now.

Besides I think I need to vary my exercising some more, since it doesn't seem to be having the results that I would like even though I'm walking three miles every morning and am planning on upping it to 3.5 and then 4 miles.

So, to that effect, I've begun using the free weights that Andrew got me for Christmas and wow my arms are super the sore. That also might be from the twenty minutes of intensive speed bowling on the Wii and the kamikaze boxing session.

You know, I think we could probably put a dent in America's "obesity epidemic" if we just handed out a bunch of Wii's. I swear, I work up more of a sweat and get my heart rate up faster with that thing than even walking.

In other news: my closet is clean. I sort of stood in front of it this morning and marveled at it. A clean closet. It's a rare and short lived creature, but still. It's freaking clean.
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I'm finally back home after being in Tennessee with my dad and stepmom and grandmother for a few days. Oddly enough, I had a better time with my father than my mother this year. Those who know my family situation will find this as strange as I do.

I'm done traveling for a while, thank goodness.

So Happy (Already Begun) New Year's! I hope that 2009 will be a spectacular year for all of you that brings the things you hope for and then a little extra.

As far as New Year's Resolutions, mine are pretty straightforward. Though I did achieve most of the resolutions I made last year )

Resolutions For 2009 and the ways I intend to achieve them )
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It's been raining all day, thus putting the kabosh on my morning exercise routine, which is outdoors.

Is it wrong that I'm more sweaty/out of breath from 35 minutes of vigorous exercise doing Wii Boxing and Wii Bowling than I usually am from my morning routine? Maybe I should step up my walk.

Actually, maybe I should. I'm not where I want to be, jogging wise. I still have a hard time going for any real length without stopping because for some reason, when I try to run, I'm fine for the first few feet, and then I start feeling exponentially heavier as I go along until I feel like I weight ten tons and almost can't carry my own weight and have to stop and resume walking.

I try to push myself farther, but sometimes it really does feel physically impossible. Do other people face this or is it just me?

Still, going for over ten rounds in the Wii Boxing game and only losing once is an accomplishment. I still haven't figured out how the hitting and punching works, so I basically just swing and move around a lot until the other guy goes down on the screen.

It's not very graceful, but it burns calories.

Good morning!

Thursday, 14 August 2008 09:13
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Today is the first day this week I haven't gotten up and gone walking/jogging. Lately, I've been doing it at, like, 6:45 in the morning. But that's because Andrew leaving wakes me up and so I just stay awake. Plus, it's been very cool in the mornings (in the 60's!), so I figure, make hay while the sunshines.

Also, saw a cool meme via [ profile] desperance. 100 Foods That Every Omnivore Should Eat At Least Once.

Here’s what you to do:

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at linking to your results.

The 100 Foods List )

I actually struck out more things than I bolded. I think that's because I don't eat seafood, food that's painful, and I don't feel like "scotch with a cigar" should count as a food. I might try Scotch someday, but I will *never* smoke.

When you have a grandfather who's become a respiratory invalid due to years of smoking like a chimney, you just can't do it. I also struck out the "bottle of whiskey that costs more than $120" on a general principal of "fuck that, I can get drunk off the cheap stuff".

I don't tend to believe that just because a food is very expensive that it's automatically better. Especially since I've tried escargot, and frankly, it tastes like rubbery, salty chicken. I can have actual chicken for about a fourth of the price.

But I also am amused that "funnel cakes" make it onto the list, but fried oreos didn't. Trust me, before you die, you *must* have a fried oreo. Nutritionally speaking, it's batter dipped evil, but it tastes really good.
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Wow, I really haven't posted here in a while, have I? I guess because my life is really not that interesting right now.

The two big deals are my writing and my renewed attempts to lose weight. I'm thinking of doing a weight loss filter, but I'm not sure. It's not that the details of me trying to shed pounds is all that private, it's just that I know some people might now want to read about it.

I talk about weight loss under the cut. And it's cut to spare those who don't want to hear about it. )
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5 Things That Are Good About Today

1. It isn't Monday
2. I haven't had another panic attack.
3. Made the bus on time and there was actually room to sit down.
4. Co-worker asked how I was, and it made me happy that someone noticed my absence yesterday.
5. Soup is very comforting on days like these.

Things I Did Well

1. Have eaten very well (under 400 calories thus far)
2. Went to work despite feeling really shaky
3. Have tried to soldier on very bravely

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Going home, collapsing, hiding under blankets
2. Not having ANY MORE PANIC ATTACKS. (Ever).


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