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I decided that I'm tired of scanning the job listings for places, sending resumes, and hearing absolutely nothing back. I'm tired of not getting paid and not bringing in any money even though between writing and looking for a job, I'm putting in almost as many hours as I did when I was an intern.

Although to be fair, I didn't get to take a break and watch DVD's whenever I felt like it at my internship.

But today I went on Craigslist and decided to offer my skills as a proofreader and editor. And I figured that was worth a mention here as well.

And here's the mandatory help-a-sister-out plea: If you know anyone who needs proofreading or editing done on a term paper, thesis, or other academic work, or even on fiction, maybe you could refer them my way. I work cheap, depending on the length of the work, I'm very reliable, and I've got a quick turn around. I've got a bachelors in English and I used to do this stuff for a publishing company, so I've got the know how.

Okay, plea over.

Also, is it silly of me that I keep compulsively rechecking gmail to see if the jobs are rolling in? I'm not looking to make a fortune, but a little cash for the holidays might be nice. I feel really lousy that I've gone all this time and still haven't found a job.

Not to mention that I'm still wondering what I'm supposed to say to people when they ask what I've been doing since April. Yeah, okay, I've written two novels, but that's not impressive or anything. Nor is it bringing in the benjamins.

Now if I could just figure out how to work frakking paypal. I remember when it used to be a really simple thing, back when you could use paypal to pay for LJ accounts. Gah!

Anyone have any experience with paypal?
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I'm back from my birthday/vacation trip and I have to say, I don't even miss one tiny thing about my internship. I'd miss the money if I'd made any, but they barely paid me enough to cover the cost of subway fare and lunch, so screw that. All I remember about my last day was going down the stairs and tingling with joy and barely being able to breathe because I was finally free. I ran down the street until I got to the subway, because I was afraid someone would call me back and tell me to work on something else.

I'll never have to do that again. It's over.

I've already set out plenty of goals for myself while I have free time. Writing and exercising and cleaning and other such things.

I'm going to make the most of not having to be a wage slave for a little while.

5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. I didn't have to go to work, because I don't have a job!
2. Weather was oh so nice.
3. Buying new music with iTunes card I got for my b-day
4. Got to sleep in.
5. Was naughty and took a nap.

3 Things I Did Well

1. Deposited stuff in bank
2. Parted with money and fed the Student Loan Monsters
3. Exercised for 30 minutes
4 (BONUS). Got all my thank you cards for b-day gifts made out

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Getting some writing/editing done
2. Eating and exercising like I should after a weekend of eating decadently.
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Money is in the bank, and I am *this much* closer to paying off student loans
2. Morning commute again was reasonable and less stupid
3. [ profile] denoue_moi's birthday! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
4. One day closer to Friday
5. Apples!

3 Things I Did Well Today

1. Lots of writing
2. Ate pretty darn well, considering
3. Gleeposted three days running

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Being closer to Friday
2. Writing even more
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(I wish I had a gleeful quote to put here, ala [ profile] wisdomeagle. There should be a glee theme or something, y/n?)

5 Things That Were Good About Today
1. The paycheck lady remembered my name! This will continue to cause glee for a while!
2. Had lunch in Union Square, which was chilly but sunny
3. Transit was surprisingly uncrowded today. The MTA had mercy on me, apparently.
4. I got paid today!
5. People noticed I was gone and were happy to see me back and wished me well
6. (bonus) New dance-tastical tunes on the iPod give me the happies

3 Things I Did Well Today
1. Ate reasonably
2. Gleeposted
3. Got lots of outlining and writing done
4. (bonus) Resisted the urge to keep calling out sick

2 Things I Look Forward To
1. Being one day closer to the end of this internship
2. Writing more on this delicious new idea I have
3. (bonus) Spring coming around and nice weather settling in
4. (bonus x 2!) Continuing to eat healthy and losing more weight

Health update

Tuesday, 18 March 2008 12:51
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The Boy dragged me to a walk-in clinic that is in a Duane Reade pharmacy in Manhattan. They're cheap enough that we could afford it.

The doctor there confirmed - after looking at an actual specimen of what I've been coughing up - that indeed it is a very bad sinus infection. Because I'm allergic to penicillin and derivatives, he had to prescribe me Cipro (which is fairly heavy duty stuff). He also prescribed me codeine cough syrup (bless him).

For a male doctor he was very nice and non judgemental. Fairly business like. Which was fine by me because I was only half conscious.

I will now take my medicine, pass out on the couch, and consider this week written off because I need to rest for the next 3-4 days (per doctor's orders). If my job wants to fire me for being sick, then fuck them. It was an internship that technically is already up anyway and the lousy pay I get does not justify me making myself sicker. Especially since I put in a 40 hour work week and still don't get health insurance for it.

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice. You guys are the best in the world.
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This comes from my editor, who is by far the most awesome of the awesome:

"Wikipedia is like the Choose Your Own Adventure of knowledge!"

I love that this discussion came up when I saw that she was looking up transgendered actresses on Wikipedia. And I only saw that because I was peeking over her shoulder while getting a Diet Dr. Pepper. Which I only saw because the desk she was at is right next to our coke machine. Which is only the case because our office is like a clown car.

We have outgrown our office in a major way. We're pretty much defying the laws of physics now just to have places to have meetings. People are having to slip into the 4th and 5th dimensions just to do power point presentations on budgets and what not, and are looking longingly at the 6th dimension, wondering if they can get a three month lease on it.

But this is Manhattan, and there is literally no space. We've even used up all the alternate universe space. Even the reality in which New York City is a burning pile of nuclear rubble that turns people into three armed mutants is taken. But I hear they're building some nice glowing radioactive ruins out in Brooklyn if you're willing to commute.
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It's snowing like crazy outside, and the buses are running at an epically slow pace according to the Boy, so I called into work.

I know that's not the most responsible attitude to take, and I know I should bravely soldier on through the snow and the chill, ready and determined to do my job at any cost.

But I have several reasons for being irresponsible this time:
I have reasons, suffice it to say. Cut because I bet you don't actually give a lot of damn about my job/mental health whining )

So, SNOW DAY! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

And? I think I'm probably going to finish my s00per sekrit novel that I'm working on. The one that I haven't told anyone about, because I'm not sure it's any good.

So today is a Good Day. I declare it to be so.
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5 Things That Are Good About Today

1. It isn't Monday
2. I haven't had another panic attack.
3. Made the bus on time and there was actually room to sit down.
4. Co-worker asked how I was, and it made me happy that someone noticed my absence yesterday.
5. Soup is very comforting on days like these.

Things I Did Well

1. Have eaten very well (under 400 calories thus far)
2. Went to work despite feeling really shaky
3. Have tried to soldier on very bravely

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Going home, collapsing, hiding under blankets
2. Not having ANY MORE PANIC ATTACKS. (Ever).
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One advantage to where I work is that there are many useful things around the area.

There's a Barnes and Noble within spitting distance (I mean this literally!) of my office building, and there's a Burlington Coat Factory almost as close.

I say this because I want you to know how eager I was for lunch time to roll around.

This morning it rained, and not just a drizzle. It came down a-floodin'. And me, in my infinite wisdom, stepped right into an ankle deep puddle on the sidewalk, thus soaking my socks and shoes.

Wet socks = yuck.

So I waited patiently until lunch so that I could go over to the Burlington Coat Factory and buy socks. They had cute ones, too, but I would've settled for tube socks, gym socks, knee socks, anything. At that point, I was contemplating whether wrapping my feet in paper towels would be a step up from the misery I was currently experiencing.

But I have never experienced such joy as having feet that are *FINALLY* dry and warm.

Now, if I could just get my frakking computer monitor at home to work, I'd be sitting pretty as a picture.

Oh, yeah, BTW - the monitor on my three year old HP has finally gone out. It was in its death throes, but finally died like Hamlet in the last act of the play when we got home from Connecticut.

Thus, my LJ access may be spotty for a few days.

At least I'm well past the required 50K for Nanowrimo or I'd be posting from the inside of Riker's Island or Bellevue, depending on how violent my breakdown was (the aforementioned are a prison and a mental hospital, for the non-New Yorkers).

Luckily, the boy has his laptop and I'm taking a long lunch today.

I'll fill you in on yesterday's monitor drama when I get access from home. Actually, I'll probably forget to and it's rather boring. Suffice it to say, I still don't have a monitor despite my best efforts to the contrary.
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I can't wait until we get to Hartford! I always love going to The Boy's house for holidays and what not.

This will make my second Thanksgiving that I spend with them instead of my family. I'm a little bit sad ('cause dude, I love my people) but Andrew's family is really great and there will be DOGS DOGS DOGS.

Traffic is going to suck like a sucking thing, but that's the holidays.

I shall post things I am grateful for tomorrow, as that's the time for that. Then I will eat a dead bird, a large round pastry, and partake of sleeping in the daytime (read: BIRD. PIE. NAP.)

The interviews at work went fine, and I was really thrilled to get to do them. Almost missed one because I didn't know how to dial an international number and had to beg Ms. Texas (her codename) to teach me how before I totally missed the scheduled time for the interview.

One interview was considerably better than the other, because one of the interviewees was very peppy and personable (well, she's a publicity director, she should be!) and the other was rather quiet and reserved.

Nothing wrong with either, though.

I hope that you all have a safe Thanksgiving (or a safe Thursday if you do not participate in Turkeyfest 2007).
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I haven't updated in almost a month. That's sad.

NaNoWriMo sort of ate my life. Technically I could stop, because I hit 50k yesterday morning. But my goal is to complete the novel (however many words it turns out to be). In that respect, I'm actually behind.

I'm sitting at my desk at work right now, eating my soup with a fork. Because our entire office is bereft of spoons. Seriously. We have, like, 50 gajillion forks and knives, but not one damn spoon. No salt either.

I would have eaten in the park, but it just rained A LOT and the temperature has dropped and it's really quite drizzly and miserable outside. I got as far as 6th avenue and said, "Oh no. I am not doin' this."

The big news for me, work wise, is that they're going to start letting me interview people for a book we're putting out. That *is* exciting. Especially since I've been stuck in Spreadsheetland for weeks now. The prospect of doing something mentally stimulating is music to my ears.

We get a nice big chunk of time off for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, which excites me. Wheeee!

And I have to go see my relatives (do I hafta? awwww.) and take some days off work in December. My boss was tres cool about that, though.

Is it Friday yet?

I should probably gleepost.
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It's probably a Good Thing^TM that I can't email post on this journal from work. Otherwise, not only would this journal be filled with 1000% more whinging, but I'd probably get fired.

My job, in all honesty, is not that bad. It's just not as exciting or stimulating as I'd hoped. Also? I secretly resent that every moment I spend doing Menial Intern Things is a moment I could have been writing. As it is, I've discovered ways to write without being caught so it looks like work, but is not actually work.

And no, I'm not slacking off. My job goes in stops and fits. So I go from "Sweet suffering succotash, how the frak am I supposed to do ALL of this?" to "I'm so bored, I think my head is going to roll off my shoulders and hit the floor, somebody give me something to do."

Luckily, I am a master of entertaining myself.

I'm beginning to wish I could go back to school. If I could have the life I want, no holds barred, I'd be a student again and I'd take nothing but classes that interested me (history, literature, art, music, maybe even a few of those wacky classes colleges offer) and I'd spend the rest of my time writing novels and fanfic and hopping the interwebs and livejournaling until my fingers fall off.

I'd write lots. I'd learn lots.

Unfortunately, on Planet Earth, things don't work that way.

So, hi-ho hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

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Thursday, 4 October 2007 07:58
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Mr. Softie is trying to KILL ME WITH THEIR ICE CREAM. It's like they're trying to push me towards a diabetic coma or something. Is it weird I almost typed that out as comma?

They were out in force yesterday. I saw the trucks twice between the park and my office.

They know I don't need ice cream, but there they are, with their cheap tasty cones and their siren song of "you know you want it, don't you deserve a little frozen goodness".

Resistance is looking futile. *headdesk*.

Come on, it's October. Isn't it time for the roasted peanut guys yet?

I don't even bother resisting those guys. A buck for roasted peanuts on a frosted day? Hell. Yeah.
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I feel slightly better than I did yesterday. I felt absolutely rotten yesterday, and the MTA didn't help any. Both the bus and the train I have to take to work were delayed/late and I had to let one of both pass me by, because they were too crowded to fit *any more people*.

Still, I hustled and got to work on time. Sure I was *this close* to vomiting when I did, but I got there.

It was a better day, work wise, because I got up the courage to basically ask my boss to explain why the heck I'm doing what I'm doing. So far the "projects" they put us on have sort of been self-evident and they're comprised of basically doing one thing and that's it.

Plus, she made the time to come and talk to me. As opposed to the day before yesterday when I really did need her help and it felt like, to me, that she couldn't be arsed to answer a few simple emails - and thus, I kept screwing up what she wanted me to do.

Today, I hope, I'll feel better. The office is gonna be a bit of a mess with everyone trying to get out for Yom Kippur.

But at least it's Friday!
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. I really think my bosses like me. Well, at least one of them.
2. It's Friday!!!!
3. I've had a job for a whole week
4. I totally got ice cream today on my lunch break
5. Ate lunch in Union Square, walked there and back. It was nice.

3 Things I Did Well

1. Kicked butt and took names at the project I'm currently doing
2. Experimented with getting to Union Square
3. Walked home from a few blocks before my stop, just for exercise

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Doing some writing this weekend
2. Seeing what happens at work next week.
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My first day yesterday went pretty good. I wasn't overwhelmed or anything, and the only annoying part was the commute home in which I basically stood for two hours, sandwiched between a million other New Yorkers. And I didn't get home 'til 7 pm. Which kinda sucked.

But that's the city for you.

Most of yesterday was what I expected. Phone work and other various grunt work. But that's what interns do, and everyone was really, really nice.

My big squee for yesterday, though?

This quick email from one of the people who I'm working with who's sorta kinda my boss:

From: (name redacted)
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 1:44 PM
Subject: test

Let me know if you get this, Megan.

Also, you sound great on the phone!

My boss likes me! She really, really likes me! I like the few coworkers I've been introduced to, and I had lunch with the other intern who also started yesterday.

*And* today, the boss is ordering in lunch. So free lunch for me!
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I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!

i. am. job. )


Thursday, 11 January 2007 10:44
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So, I got a call back from one of the people I applied to. SQUEEEEEEEEE! I've got a phone interview in twenty minutes, and I'll let you know how to goes.

ZOMG, so much SQUEEEEEEE right now. If this goes well, I could have a job. A J.O.B.

Wish me luck.

Also, s00per sekrit to [ profile] tptigger - maybe good things come in threes, so that means me, you, and someone else will be getting shiny new jobs!

ETA - Phone interview - PWND! I totally know how to give the A answer. Really. I do.
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I've been applying for jobs and what not for almost six months now. I've sent out my resume to every single person who even looks like they might be hiring in my "field".

I give up on my field.

I also give up on normal jobs. My quest now is to find the weirdest freaking job I can. I mean, like, cattle wrangler or toenail specialist or something like that. Because looking for "assistant" and "associate" and "professional mail-sorter" jobs hasn't worked out so hot.

Frankly, I'd love to get paid to write novels, but it works the other way around. You have to write novels and hope you get paid.


But today isn't over yet, and tomorrow is still brand spankin' new.

Cattle wrangling, here I come.
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I can't believe this is my last day here. Forever.

There's just nothing like watching someone try to do a job you think is simple, routine, and boring and realizing that once upon a time, it wasn't.

I cleaned out two years of stuff from my desk and bequeathed Buddy the Rat and my screen dog to my coworkers. Gave my very cool European football banner to my manager.

Cleaned off my cubicle walls and now I have an hour in which to do nothing.

And then I'll clock out. And that'll be it. The end.

It feels like I'm starting to wrap up all the pieces of my life.

I can't decide how happy or how sad I am about it. Right now I just want to go home, take a nap, and have a lapful of Psychotic Fuzzy Goodness right now. And spaghetti.

The Id desires spaghetti. The Id desires sleep.

Well, hey. It's the Id. That's it's job: to desire. And at least one of us'll still have a job after today.


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