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Sometimes I really want to laugh and/or cry at some of the sex positivity blogs and websites and things that I see around the internet. I was looking at Violet Blue's blog (warning: very explicit! It's a sex blog, what do you expect?) and, well, I think I nearly cried and not in a good way.

Because I look at the pictures and sites and things they promote and I think, "Gee, it's funny how your sex positivity always seems to include people who look like supermodels."

When you're 5'9 and 110 pounds, the world's chock full of sex positivity for you. Because you're pretty, and attractive. Because you're blonde and white. Because you're pretty much the embodiment of traditional sex. Everyone in the whole fucking world is encouraging you to feel pretty and have sex and be free and show your body.

But heavens forfend you should be one of the masses of people who aren't supermodels. Who maybe are overweight/obese, or just not liposuctioned and toned and tanned to perfect. Maybe you have scars from surgery and injuries. Maybe you had a mastectomy and suddenly, your breasts aren't the kind people would put on a website for money, maybe you don't even have both of them anymore. Maybe you had two kids and your body has changed and you have stretchmarks and a bit of a tummy that's not going away and a bigger ass than you once did. Maybe you were born with a different kind of body than other people, or something happened that put you well outside the realm of "pretty". Maybe you're not 25 anymore. Maybe you're 45 or 65.

Because the same people who are all about "sex empowerment!" and "sex is good!" are suddenly unable to find anything about you enjoying sex to be attractive or worthy of their attentions. Those same people would probably, if they ever did come across you daring to display your sexuality, wince and say, "Ewww, put that away!"

It's made perfectly clear who's sex Violet Blue is positive about it, and it ain't mine. Because the people like me? We're not included in the empowerment party. We're left on our own to wonder if we're worthy of being celebrated, of being given pleasure, of being thought of as beautiful.

So you know what, Violet Blue and all you other Pretty People Only sex positivity bloggers? Fuck you. Enjoy your little plastic world full of fake people. Enjoy thinking you're actually doing something good when you're really just perpetuating all the worst bits of sexual discrimination in our society.

Oh, and a double fuck you for this. These are *not* natural bodies, and I highly doubt they're natural lesbians either. I could show you some real lesbians, but you wouldn't like them because they don't come in that perfectly prepackaged shape you seem to enjoy. Because their bodies don't look like that. Because they're the kind of beautiful, the kind of real, the kind of wonderful that you just don't have the eyes to see apparently.

I struggle with this so much, you know? I see all these things about how sex is great, but it's never people like me having sex or being held up as beautiful and empowered. And please, do NOT point me to some fetish site for Chubby Chasers, because that's not what I mean at all. That would be like going to a site for "interracial" porn and saying somehow, that's a step towards ending racism. In neither of those sites is the object of desire actually empowered at all.

In fact, a lot of those sites go a long way towards keeping the prejudices going. The sites where you see some morbidly obese naked woman gleefully shoving chocolate or food into her mouth or smeared in it just keeps convincing people that, of course, if you're overweight/obese that you're just someone who eats and eats and eats all day long and lays around.

Because nobody exists who's trying their hardest to workout and eat right and cut their calories and fat and sugar to get down to a healthy weight, even though even at the weight I'm supposed to be, society would still call me fat. Because nobody exists who's fat but jogs three miles in the morning. I, apparently, don't exist. Because I do all those things.

Just like the interracial sites that feature black male models who are muscled to the point of near absurdity have twenty foot long penises who go around deflowering all the sweet little white women. Because that hasn't been an excuse for racists since *ever*. Because black men who have average sized penises and average sized bodies and no interest in white women what so ever don't exist either.

I don't want to be someone's fetish, someone's freak show. I'm not a fetish, I'm not a freak show. I'm a person, a real person. My name is Meg, and I'm fat, and I'm bisexual, and my favorite time of the year is autumn, and I love dogs, and god-fucking-dammit, I'm REAL. I'm right here. I exist. And I'm worth something. I'm worth attention. I'm worth respect. I'm worth consideration. Come talk to me, and see that for yourself.

Because these people you won't show? These people you ignore? They have names and sexualities and favorite things and families and needs and feelings, too. Feelings as valid and worthy as mine. They're not fetishes or freaks, either.

I want someone to look at me, and say, "you're beautiful. Not because of or in spite of your weight, but because you're just beautiful as you are".

I'm lucky, I have a fiancee who says that to me, but it's hard to weigh his one voice against an entire society that tells me, on the daily, that my appearance is so abhorrent, so ugly, so despicable and disgusting that entire TV shows are dedicated to getting rid of it (Biggest Loser, for example). Not to mention all the plastic surgery and makeover shows out there, also showing that if you don't make yourself look supermodel perky every morning that you're almost too ugly to live.

So, again, to Violet Blue and her ilk, I say fuck you. Because you know what? Yes, you're fabulous and pretty right now, but you won't always be. Maybe you'll never be fat or scarred or different. God forbid (and I actually mean that, I wish you no harm, whatever your stupidity), your body should be deformed or changed in front of your eyes.

But everyone gets old, and one day, the very system that you just keep feeding into will eat you alive. Because one day, you'll be 65 or 70 and suddenly, you'll find out what it's like when people aren't so positive about your sexuality anymore.

And as for me? It won't be so hard for me to be 65 or 70 or even 90. Because I'm used to dealing with being "ugly". So when that time rolls around, it's going to be you and yours at the disadvantage, not me.

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