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NY Governor caught up in prostitution scandal.

While I realize that this isn't funny for him, or his family, I can't help but laughing. It's all so frickin' hilarious. Firstly, because it was stupid and secondly, because his speech last night was both lolarious and akin to spitting on a forest fire.

For every Spitzer that gets found out, I'm sure there are dozens and dozens of politicians who have been paying to get their boards waxed by hookers, whores, and other ladies of the night for years. Decades even. I think a random sampling would probably reveal that 4 out of 5 governors, Congresspeople, and Senators are doing something rephrensible. You know, other than leading our country into a pointless, unjustified war and ruining us economically, environmentally, and educationally.

My only question is why hasn't Spitzer resigned and gone off to lick his wounds yet, because clearly there's nothing else left for him to do. It's not like he can have any kind of political career after this.

And for anyone who wants to argue, YES there is a big difference between having a willing and unpaid intern sit on the Presidental staff and a prostitute.

Namely, the prostitute was much better looking.
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The passports for me and The Boy haven't arrived yet. We applied for them in March, and still, nothing.

My sister's wedding is the first week in August, so you can see how we're in a bind.

Apparently the trick to getting your passports through the system are to write to your congressman or contact their office. Apparently they can help expedite things along.

Well, I'm sure they don't personally do it. I'm sure that their office staff takes care of it and stamps the congressperson's name on it. But still. They're the go-to guys for passport help.

So I just called my congressman (Anthony Weiner), and the people at his office were really, really nice. I guess I wouldn't expect them to be rude, although when I called Congresswoman Velazquez's office (by mistake), the person who first answered the phone sounded like they were chewing on something and angry at the same time. Huh.

Anyway, the very helpful, perky people at Mr. Weiner's office said to mail and/or fax them the details and they'd see what they could do. So that's done.

So I took a peak around at my congressman's website and discovered three things.

1) Damn. We have a kinda good lookin' Congressman. (Yes I am shallow).

2) I really, really like his politics. No to guns, yes to pro-choice, yes to the environment.

3) I will probably be voting for this guy next election. I need to register to vote in New York. I've been afraid because I don't know if it'll screw up my taxes or not. And I don't want to get pulled for jury duty. Jury duty scares me. Still, I need to vote.


Maybe I'll get Jury Duty on one of the days they're filming Law & Order and I'll get to see Jesse L. Martin.

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Thursday, 23 February 2006 10:24
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To all the "oh, don't panic about abortion rights just because Alito got nominated" type folks out there,

It's time to panic.

I love being right, but I wish it wasn't about this.

Let's see. We've already got a late-trimester case before the court which does NOT include an exemption for the mother's health and now this.

When exactly *would* you like me to panic?

When the president turns major American ports over to a United Arab Emirates-run company which isn't require to keep it's documents on American soil?.

Oh, wait. He's already in the process of doing that.

Gee, guess it's time panic.


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