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I'll blabber on more about how awesome Connecticut is later. But suffice it to say that my hardest decision in life will be this:

If/when I become wealthy enough to live anywhere I please - do I relocate to Northampton, Massachusetts or Niantic, Connecticut to die happy?

I ♥ Niantic. It is small, charming, on the ocean, contains the Book Barn, and Rocky Neck State Park - where I found much sea glass and shells not to be found in Florida and discovered that I'm abnormally fond of climbing rock formations that I might not be able to get down from.

How much does this state rule?

And, uh, to the Northerners on my f-list, how the frell did you not tell me about Christmas Tree Shops and the fact that toboggans are sleds (not hats)? You're all fired. Sheesh. I depend on you to tell me when things are awesome, and what happens? I find a whole world of most excellent awesomeness and nobody told me.

I love New England. Seriously. Meg/New England ---> OTP.
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To them that do not celebrate Thanksgiving, happy Random Thursday.

Connecticut is fabulous, if cold, and I am surrounded by not only some of the coolest people on Earth, but so many critters. Three cats, a dog, a leopard gecko, a very ugly fish, some very pretty fish, a bird, and crickets.

Did I mention how cool these people are?

Well, consider it mentioned.

And since Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks, here it is

the personal thank yous to the people that matter )

the all around, general thankfulness )


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