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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 17:07
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. The weather finally back down. I am not looking forward to summer.
2. New Lost tonight! All my favorite people on my favorite mysterious island!
3. Got to take a brief nap
4. My sinuses are beginning to clear! Yay for breathing!
5. Quantum of Solace (my birthday prezzie from Andrew) waiting to be watched.

3 Things I Did Well

1. Cleaned things
2. Got back to the writing I need to do
3. Exercised and ate reasonably well (I have to take off the four pounds I gained because of that fucking cake and the wine tasting and the chicken sandwich I ate on my birthday).

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Exercising and continuing to lose weight!
2. Getting more writing done
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It's 18 degrees outside. Sweet skwered shishkabobs, that's cold. Which kind of puts the kabosh on my usual morning walk/jog. I'm dedicated, but I'm not that dedicated. Plus, I just don't have the kind of clothing that could keep me suitably warm. I'd freeze my ass off (literally), and I just don't think I could deal with an assectomy right now.

Besides I think I need to vary my exercising some more, since it doesn't seem to be having the results that I would like even though I'm walking three miles every morning and am planning on upping it to 3.5 and then 4 miles.

So, to that effect, I've begun using the free weights that Andrew got me for Christmas and wow my arms are super the sore. That also might be from the twenty minutes of intensive speed bowling on the Wii and the kamikaze boxing session.

You know, I think we could probably put a dent in America's "obesity epidemic" if we just handed out a bunch of Wii's. I swear, I work up more of a sweat and get my heart rate up faster with that thing than even walking.

In other news: my closet is clean. I sort of stood in front of it this morning and marveled at it. A clean closet. It's a rare and short lived creature, but still. It's freaking clean.
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A pleasant surprise is finding out that your new AC unit is not only energy efficient and really quiet, but can take half your apartment from broiling to downright frosty in an hour and a half, where the old one took half a day just to get it to bearable.

An unpleasant surprise is finding out that somehow, you brought home someone else's underwear when you did laundry at the laundry mat. Well, at least they were clean. But, still. Eww.

So, as you can tell, Andrew and I are beating the heat. We invested in a new AC, because the old one was, well, old and it could barely keep up with making one room habitable at a time.

The news all over in NYC has been the sweltering heat wave that's hit us. I guess it speaks for my Southerninity, but, I didn't think the temperatures were newsworthy just yet. Where I come from, we don't start bitching 'til it hits 100 degrees.

But where I come from, most houses have been outfitted, and indeed built with air conditioning since before I was born. Until I moved to NYC, I'd never lived *anywhere* that didn't automatically have an installed AC unit.

Which is why I think Southerners come off as so eco-unfriendly towards the *FACT* of global warming sometimes. It's not that we don't believe in it, it's just that, well - it's always been hot for us. I remember years where I've worn shorts at Christmas. So, if the Midwest is any evidence, global warming is actually going to translate into more rain rather than just more heat for some parts of the country. Which is why I think it needs to be called Global WTF rather than Global Warming.
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Some pictures I took yesterday 'cause they made me happy )

Not a lot of commentary. They're just pictures from the scrubby little garden area that's out behind my apartment building. And the window you see is our bedroom window, complete with fan. They pretty much speak for themselves.

Although yesterday I did meet a man who named his dog Subway. I thought that was awesome.

The heat's gone down considerably and the apartment is comfortable. It should stay nice like this through the rest of the week.

Okay, OKAY. I get it. I have a weather obsession. I can't help it, it comes from being forced to acquire half my genetics from my father. Between the both of us, I'm sure we keep the weather channel's ratings nice and high.

Although, to be fair, my mom watches the weather a lot. I think it's sort of a Southern thing if you want to know the truth. But give us a break, if you live in a place where "bad thunderstorm" can devolve into "tornado that takes out half your town", you'd be weather conscious, too.


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