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Monday, 24 August 2009 18:28
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I have nothing to go right here so I'm going to post some pictures of hot people that I like:

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I finally finished the huge journal that I've been using since last year. It was a big challenge for me, because the journal was not only big (I usually like smaller journals), but it was also unlined. I had never had an unlined journal before.

I have to say, it was a liberating experience. I'm not decided if I'll go back to a lined journal or not. But I do know that I did a lot more art and collage work in this journal because I had the blank page to work with.

However, there were times when I really wanted to just write about something, and the unlined paper not only made that a challenge because I'm really anal about my handwriting and keeping things straight (to the point where I'd put lined paper underneath) but also made me hesitate sometimes and go, "Ugh, I'm too tired to do this."

I tried some new stuff with this journal. For one, I got inspired by PostSecret, and sort of did my own "postsecrets" in my journal, and I really liked those. But some are too intimate to be sharing on a comm (and some are NSFW). I also got a list of really good journaling prompts that asks you to write about random things from political beliefs to pet names. Those helped on days when I felt like I had nothing in me.

Some pages beneath the cut. Not precisely dialup safe, but definitely work safe )

I've gotta go make dinner now!
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Some pictures I took yesterday 'cause they made me happy )

Not a lot of commentary. They're just pictures from the scrubby little garden area that's out behind my apartment building. And the window you see is our bedroom window, complete with fan. They pretty much speak for themselves.

Although yesterday I did meet a man who named his dog Subway. I thought that was awesome.

The heat's gone down considerably and the apartment is comfortable. It should stay nice like this through the rest of the week.

Okay, OKAY. I get it. I have a weather obsession. I can't help it, it comes from being forced to acquire half my genetics from my father. Between the both of us, I'm sure we keep the weather channel's ratings nice and high.

Although, to be fair, my mom watches the weather a lot. I think it's sort of a Southern thing if you want to know the truth. But give us a break, if you live in a place where "bad thunderstorm" can devolve into "tornado that takes out half your town", you'd be weather conscious, too.


Tuesday, 3 July 2007 19:48
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I'm on the home stretch of my novel. Four chapters and then I am done and I can happily sink into post-novel glee/ennui. And then after that I can do this all over again.

Here are some sketches I did that I thought I might share, while I'm taking a few hours away from the novel to watch The Presidents on the History channel and do some other art related things.

Probably dialup friendly )
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. The package I sent to my grandfather for father's day got there just fine
2. New Closer, finally! I am excited like woah.
3. Knowing what to do next in The Novel.
4. The heat hasn't been too bad, fans help.
5. Found some cool stuff in the process of cleaning that I'd forgotten about

3 Things I Did Well

1. Cleaned and vacuumed, organized parts of my desk
2. Made my grandfather really happy
3. Took care of student loan stuff

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Eating/exercising better because I really need to shed some pounds before sister's wedding.
2. Attacking the next chapter of my novel.

and now for something completely different. Not entirely work safe. )

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Wednesday, 6 June 2007 12:17
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I didn't get the internship. Yes, I am bummed.

But to combat being bummed, I intend to write a lot and look at goofy macros. This one in particular was a big ol' plate of rofflewaffles.

cut because it's sorta big, but hi-larious nonetheless )
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The reference if you need it.

some other pics from my life. )

Random-y McRandom

Thursday, 5 April 2007 19:40
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Connecticut was fabulous, as always. I picked up a couple of journals on the cheap from the Acme Surplus store in Northampton and the Christmas Tree Shop in Manchester. Christmas Tree shops are actually not that Christmas-y. They're sort of like a really high class Big Lots.

I'm retiring my old, huge black sketchbook journal because it's gotten to the point where I hate dealing with it so much that I'm completely abandoning journaling, and I don't want to do that. I have to face it, I need lines.

And now that I have new journals, my enthusiasm for journaling has returned. And I have some new stamps and pens to use.

Now, for a meme -

Comment and I will:

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ [or blog].

I'm so excited about [ profile] br0ken_dolly and her boy coming for a visit. They should be here in a few hours. YAY!

Tomorrow, the Bronx Zoo. Pictures to follow. I'm debating whether to start posting pictures I took of the critters down in Hartford.

Especially since one of the critters *ate* a hole in our blanket.

See? )
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We have a new futon! The fact that we got the damn thing home in the car is a miracle, because all we had to use twine and our own god-given ingenuity (and a little help from the Ikea guy).

That's not to mention the matress, matress cover, and my new nightstand.

Still, I am so psyched, because it's pretty and it isn't broken like the other futon so you don't hear cracking sounds every time you move or sit down. Which is a big plus.

come and see my acquisitiveness )

Since I was messing around with the digital camera, here are some pictures from about Thursday, when we got a buttload of mutant snow dumped on us. Having never seen such lousy Smarch weather [/simpsons reference], I thought it was picture worthy.

lousy smarch weather! )
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I'm doing [ profile] embodiment again this year. Especially since I now have a slew of great new stuff to use in my quest for visual journaling (yay for labelmakers! yay for stamps!). I'm just pimping because I think everyone should do Embodiment 07.

I did it for all of 2006, and I have to tell you, I didn't think I'd keep up with it - but at current count I've only missed about 15 days of journaling out of the entire year. For someone who was a love 'em and leave 'em Casanova of the journal world, I've become oddly committed. It grew on me live a vine it did.

here have some christmas pictures of me, the boy, his family, my family, florida, connecticut and various critters )

Squeee! [ profile] ladyslvr sent me The City Drive! Double squeee! I've now recieved two rockin' CDs for christmas.

I feel like I should give something back. So I'm totally gonna be all about sharing the music in the coming year, but I hate to post music publicly. So anyone who wants on the music filter - leave a comment.

Note to self: I have soooooooo many thank you cards to send out. This year rocked, loot-wise.

*sniff sniff*

Saturday, 2 December 2006 12:34
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Goodbye, red journal of Embodiment. You served me well for exactly 11 months of my life.

A tribute then, to lined!red!journal.

homage to a favorite food the first page inside
good ol' red!journal a new beginning

The new journal is black and unlined, a definite change for me. I'm hoping it'll mean I'll get more artistically creative instead of falling into my "dear diary today I did blahedy blah blah" routine that I do when I feel like I'm in a rut. Also, maybe not devoting all my creative energies to NaNoWriMo might help.

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Thursday, 30 November 2006 09:11
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I need a new default icon. I've had this one since like 2005 and it's about to be 2007 in a few weeks.

I suck at graphics. Which you can see from the icon itself, because that's not exactly quality workmanship or anything but the best I can do. I have almost zip artistic ability.

Could someone really good at graphics design me a great icon?

Also, dry ice is so fun to play with. It came with the big box of dead, vaccum packed mice that we feed to Nippy the Wonder Snake. Nothing like seeing dead rodents when you go get a lean pocket.

Still, dry ice is cool. The Boy knows all sort of geek tricks to do cool things with it.

dry ice in a bowl, oooh spooky looking
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republicans - pwnd!

Halloween Glee

Tuesday, 31 October 2006 16:58
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Such great weather. The leaves are turning gold and orange around here

2. The Boy didn't have to work over time. Whee! He also put "monkeys" as the name on my cellphone. Because he believe monkeys should be everywhere.

3. Sugar-free Godiva chocolates from mom! How delicious!

4. Not so sugar-free candy corn that shall be saved for the new House!

5. New House. I'd like baseball better if it didn't preempt the best show on television.

6. (double bonus!) Halloweeeeeeeeeeen! I wish I could give you all candy corn or the obscenely sugar-y treat of your choice.

3 Things I Did Well

1. 1. Posted letter to Christopher Soghoian. For those who don't know, he's a university student that the FBI put the smack down on him for creating a Boarding Pass Generator with php in order to point out just how inept security really is, despite all of the government's blah blah blah.

2. Have not given up on the job hunt, despite the fact that I'm a little worried about going into November unemployed.

3. Restrained myself from diving into candy corn, despite the fact that it's been in the apartment since Sunday and how much do I love that stuff?

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. Continuing to look for a job. It's a new day and who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll find the perfect job. It's completely possible.

2. NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow! I'm so psyched about doing it this year.

some pictures for fun, including fake book jackets for my Nano project. Warning, suggestively shaped kielbasa contained within. Not for the faint of heart. )
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Now that I have access to a digital camera, I'm pretty sure that there will be more pics to come. But don't worry, I realize that not everyone has fast internet connections, so I'll try to keep it all dial-up safe. It's all clickable thumbnails, so no worries.

pictures from Connecticut - Mt. Holyoke, Apple-picking and miscellaneous critters, they're turning me into a good New Englander yet )

more random meaningless things from my life! I know you're interested )


Wednesday, 11 October 2006 20:55
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5 Things That Were Good About Today

1. Today is my mom's birthday
2. National Coming Out Day!
3. Had fun playing with the digital camera/scanner today
4. Talked with [ profile] denoue_moi who rocks
5. The plane that ran into the building in Manhattan was *NOT* terrorist related.

3 Things I Did Well

1. Sent off mom's b-day card and package
2. Wrote a bunch
3. Got some internet housekeeping taken care of

2 Things I Look Forward To

1. The Boy feeling better
2. Doing something creative

Pictures from around the apartment! Completely random, unimportant views into my life! Come one, come all! )

scans from my journal for embodiment )
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Yesterday I discovered possibly the most awesome of all places to shop:


There was nothing in that store that was not absolutely fabulous. And dude, I could afford like...50% of the crap in there. That's saying something. Because right now I am not exactly rolling in the money.

We went there just to get a bookcase, but ended up with:

Billy Bookcase

Aneboda 3 Drawer Set

Alexander Company Chair

Plus some other stuff like very nifty boxes, magazine holders, a new coffee mug, and bedsheets (which nearly had us strangling each other).

It was also nice to see his parents again (I love his folks, they're made of awesome). His mom is such a hoot.

The apartment is in various stages of being a complete disaster area. Although with the new bedsheets and the bookcase in the bedroom, it's actually not so bad. Space is getting scarce, but still.

I have a new chair! Which is fabulous and not at all uncomfortable and way better than the one I did have.
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The Top Ten Things I Learned While Driving Up the Eastern Seaboard in A 4-Door Car

1. Never underestimate the importance of having a good playlist to drive by.

2. Those blue signs with gas, food, and hotel pictures in little boxes are very useful. Pay attention to them.

3. You can judge a state by the bathrooms in it's visitor's centers. Because South Carolina had a wonderful visitor's center and is, in fact, a rockin' state. New Jersey looked like a disaster area with lots of refuges and small, dirty children without shoes.

4. The people who work at visitor's centers are very helpful and you should take advantage of their vast knowledge of their state. And ya know, free maps. And bathrooms. Visitor's centers are a little piece of genius.

5. Pointing towards where you want the driver to turn and saying the opposite thing is an easy way to cause a multi-car pileup on the interstate.

6. Nothing will get you more than the 4 P's - Piss Poor Prior Planning.

7. Go to the bathroom at the rest stop/visitor's center/gas station even if you don't think you need to. Because South Carolina is a very big state on a full bladder.

8. Cruise control is your friend.

9. Exits with letters are not all the same thing. 14C will take you to a much different place than 14B.

10. The New Jersey Turnpike is a little piece of hell on Earth. It is made of suck. I am sure many solid marriages have been broken up on the New Jersey Turnpike. If you can survive two hours in Jersey, you can survive anything.

What I Did On My Very Last Summer Vacation - A Pictorial Journey By Car )
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For those who just can't get enough of me, I present pictures of my four day Graduation cruise to the Bahamas.

Yes, they're just your average, very boring pictures of somebody else's vacation.

But you do get to see me with my hair in braids!

Meg & Andrew do the Bahamas - thumbnailed for convenience and dial-up users )

As promised!

Saturday, 10 June 2006 00:48
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So, I promised anyone who asked a doodle.

And doodles you shall have, and *then* some. I promised myself I wouldn't do running commentary on *every* picture, but I broke my own promise. So sue me.

For [ profile] denoue_moi:
two faerie kittens cuddling )

For [ profile] less_than_jess:
two strawberries having an arguement )

For [ profile] flukeskywalker:
shadow strikes back! )

For [ profile] jennixen:
Spike )

And here are some bonus sketches that are random things I've done.

various sketches underneath the cut )


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