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Meg's education is pastede_on_yay!

Consider me reinstated. :) Which means that I just need to reimburse my mom, get through my classes, and figure out how to negiotiate all the sides of my family that want to attend graduation.

Everything is happening so *damn* fast.

And the twerp professor felt the need to ask me *why* I got my class schedule purged. So I lied like a mug. In fact, I lied to everyone who asked. Because it's really nobody's business.

For those who are curious but *won't* ask: My father said he would pay tuition. Kept saying he would. Never did. UNF doesn't accept an IOU from your father as payment. Although, it's partly my fault. I should know better than to a) trust my father and b) leave anything important to my father. I should've kept on him.


Also? I wanna be a department chair when I grow up so I can just go to meetings and eat hour and a half lunches. When someone comes at 12:30 to get your signature and comes again at 2:00 and you're *still* at lunch, you *suck*.

Just what I needed

Tuesday, 23 May 2006 11:35
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Because animals outcute the human race by a large margin:

1. A Pomeranian who just wants his mommy. (brought to my attention by [ profile] denoue_moi

2. Dogs are funny. Dogs that make small children and old people land on their asses? Even better.

I think that makes the score something like:

Animals: 2827439274393, Humans: -3837327

Nothing like dogs knocking people over and howling to make me feel better about still not being reinstated into my classes because my American Gov't professor apparently can't answer emails or voicemail when it's an *emergency* and all I need is his lousy signature on a form so I can get back into classes and pay tuition.

This is also the professor that won't even pay attention to me in class, but practically sits in the lap of the three little sorority girls who sit together and giggle and give the *stupidest* answers. Oh, did I mention that they come in late, disrupt class, their cellphones go off, they talk all the time and he just smiles at them and acts like it's okay?

I try to raise my hand to give a good answer and I'm invisible.

Maybe if I flashed my rack at him I'd get somewhere. *geez*.


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