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One of the lenses fell out of my glasses as I was getting up from my desk, and it turns out that the screw that holds the bits of the frame together to keep said lens in is gone and never to be heard from again.

Actually, It's probably been gone for a while and the only thing holding my glasses together were God's good will and a thin coating lacquer.

Well, they ran out.

So I had to put in contacts that were like five years old and not even the right prescription (I felt like I was wearing beer goggles, which makes crossing the street interesting to say the least) just to go down the street to CVS to get a repair kit.

Except with the contacts, my up close and in between vision wasn't so good, and I was feeling really confused. So when I asked the very sweet Pharmacist Lady (who's always been a peach, I might add) where they were, I think she heard me mumbling, "This would be so much easier if I could see up close" and so she guided me to them.

So back I go, and I sit down at my desk and prepare to fix my glasses with the kit I got. Only to drop the only screw in the entire kit that fits my glasses. Which resulted in an all out, hands and knees, comb-the-floorboards type search for it.

I found it twenty minute and a couple of panic attacks later and finally got my glasses reassembled so I could wear them again and go back to normal vision.

At least tomorrow is Friday, and the first day of Spring, and the finale of Battlestar, and the date at which we have to go to a party for Andrew's coworker who departing the NYPD and moving to the DEA.

In conclusion, today: not so grate akshully. I may just go back to bed and wait it out for another 24 hours.


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