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Making soap while listening to rap music is worth an eyebrow lift I feel, but something about Timbaland works well when you're deciding exactly how rosy pink you want your bar of vanilla scented soap to be.

And the advantage of it all is that a) it's sort of self cleaning because its soap and b) frickin' surgeons don't have the clean yet soft and supple hands that I do.

I'm relearning the stuff I'd learned back when I first made soap with Andrew's mom (the inimitable Ms. R), and I think it's turning out pretty good. I think my smeller may be off. Because I mixed lavender with a nice vanilla scent, and lavender-vanilla is a pretty solid bet as scents go. But when I sniffed it, I was all, "Whew! This is noxious", and it was very sharp and almost floral, so I rounded it out with a hint of sandalwood. Which smelled better but not great.

But after the soap bar cooled down, it didn't smell so bad and had kind of mellowed out. So it makes me think that maybe sticking your nose down in it while it's steaming hot and basically sending off fumes is not the way to judge.

If not, I can always melt those bars back down and add in some more neutral soap to mellow out the scent. It's not a bad scent, it's just very sharp.

I'm using my tres cool soap making kit that includes apricot seeds for exfoliating and powdered colorant, which works pretty well. I'm going to have to get some more opaque white soap and experiment with it, because I like it. I definitely want to continue to do this more often and hone my skills.

If one of my bars turns out really nice, I'm going to give to Ms. R as a gift because she got me the soap making stuff for Christmas, and well, as fun as this is, it would be even more fun if we were doing it together.

In "neener neener" news: my mother-in-law (to be) > EVERYONE ELSE. How awesome is it that we make soap?


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