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I decided that I'm tired of scanning the job listings for places, sending resumes, and hearing absolutely nothing back. I'm tired of not getting paid and not bringing in any money even though between writing and looking for a job, I'm putting in almost as many hours as I did when I was an intern.

Although to be fair, I didn't get to take a break and watch DVD's whenever I felt like it at my internship.

But today I went on Craigslist and decided to offer my skills as a proofreader and editor. And I figured that was worth a mention here as well.

And here's the mandatory help-a-sister-out plea: If you know anyone who needs proofreading or editing done on a term paper, thesis, or other academic work, or even on fiction, maybe you could refer them my way. I work cheap, depending on the length of the work, I'm very reliable, and I've got a quick turn around. I've got a bachelors in English and I used to do this stuff for a publishing company, so I've got the know how.

Okay, plea over.

Also, is it silly of me that I keep compulsively rechecking gmail to see if the jobs are rolling in? I'm not looking to make a fortune, but a little cash for the holidays might be nice. I feel really lousy that I've gone all this time and still haven't found a job.

Not to mention that I'm still wondering what I'm supposed to say to people when they ask what I've been doing since April. Yeah, okay, I've written two novels, but that's not impressive or anything. Nor is it bringing in the benjamins.

Now if I could just figure out how to work frakking paypal. I remember when it used to be a really simple thing, back when you could use paypal to pay for LJ accounts. Gah!

Anyone have any experience with paypal?
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I've been applying for jobs and what not for almost six months now. I've sent out my resume to every single person who even looks like they might be hiring in my "field".

I give up on my field.

I also give up on normal jobs. My quest now is to find the weirdest freaking job I can. I mean, like, cattle wrangler or toenail specialist or something like that. Because looking for "assistant" and "associate" and "professional mail-sorter" jobs hasn't worked out so hot.

Frankly, I'd love to get paid to write novels, but it works the other way around. You have to write novels and hope you get paid.


But today isn't over yet, and tomorrow is still brand spankin' new.

Cattle wrangling, here I come.


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